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Hi! My name is James

Following a major relapse, my initial diagnosis of Ideopathic Cerebellar Ataxia has suddenly demanded attention

I aim to gain control of things, and that includes I re-assess diet and healthy eating. This, I’ve just started the Wahl’s diet. About this, I have a few questions:

First of all, there’s NO WAY I can eat that much - 9 cups of veg plus 6-12 oz meat a day plus everything else. It’s fatty stuff and I’d have to spend the rest of my day exercising to not gain weight. Is there a slimmer version?

Also, how do you know when you can progress from one level to the next

My next question is about condiments; can I add as much salt or pepper or spice as I like?

If anyone can answer these, I’d be all ears!


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Hi jadfg

If you are starting a completely new way of eating, it would probably be useful to find some recipes on line or get a cookbook to help you. If you are significantly increasing the amount of veg you are eating, it’s a good idea to do it gradually to allow your body to get used to it.

You can increase veg by using them in smoothies. Have a salad for lunch.

If you’re eating eggs, have an omelette with veg for breakfast.

I see no reason not to use salt or pepper, but am not sure about spices.

I followed the Autoimmune Protocol for a while and I think the Wahl’s diet is very similar. If you are reducing the amount of carbohydrates you are eating, your body will use the fat you eat as an energy source. If you get the balance right you will not put on weight (have a look at the science behind ketogenic diets). There is a LCHF site on HU. Ketogenic diets do not suit everyone, I have found that a moderately low-carb diet works better for me.

Good luck with the diet, I hope it helps.

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PenelModerator in reply to jadfg

Have you ruled out gluten ataxia? It’s a fairly rare symptom of Coeliac disease.


If they are making loads and loads of money from people, who are neurologically challenged and sadly remained sick regardless of this "diet", ask yourself a simple question. Is it worth it?

PenelModerator in reply to Hidden

It isn’t a money making scheme. You could buy a book on the subject if you wanted one or just look it up on the internet.

Hidden in reply to Penel

These protocols seem to be running "retreats" and such, hence the comment.

I have no interest in protocols whatsoever, especially those that openly claim to work for curing MS. Thank you, Penel.

PenelModerator in reply to Hidden

If you don’t have an autoimmune disorder, there is certainly no reason for you to be interested. The Wahl’s Protocol is currently undergoing clinical trials.

Why do you feel unable to eat "that much"? 3 portions of veg and 6oz of meat per meal seems perfectly reasonable - possibly a bit stingy. Do you feel particularly uncomfortable with specific ingredients? There may be workarounds that suit your tastes.

Dietary fat does not make you fat - in fact you're likely to start losing bodyfat. Wahl's protocol is technically a type of VLCHF diet, which has been shown to be successful with various idiopathic illnesses. However it's very much a case of try it and see. It might help you, it might not. As Penel suggested, give it a fair go - a few weeks - and if your symptoms don't improve, try something else.

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