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Weight Loss Fact!

Regaining nearly half of the lost weight after 1 year is usual and most of dieters acquire their 1st weight within 3 to 5 years. Experts believe that if a person sustains even 5-10% of his / her weight loss, it is considered a great achievement. Actually weight maintenance is defined as weight change up to 3% of the actual body weight after weight loss.

Source: NCBI

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Good morning Roy, I think this makes the point that a dietary change should be a life style change not a quick fix and then back to the old ways as the old ways didn't work in the first place LOL. 😊


Hi RoyParker

This is inspiring, and a good reminder of how easy it could be to re-gain weight if lifestyle isn't altered for the better.

Zest :-)

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I have been one or two stones overweight almost all of my adult life. Most of that has been vegetarian. Through the years I was press-ganged by my wife into various diets. All of these brought my weight down in the short term.

Just over two years ago I went on my WFPB approach it was the first time I came inside my recommended BMI. I did that easily and it has remained there with zero effort ever since. I did not seek, ask for or strive for the weight loss. And each and every meal I eat until I am satiated and full. I don't count calories.

Weight loss just happened.


I found this interesting to read this morning andyswarbs , my son and I are both losing weight, we aren't fully plant based as you are, but calorie counting (educated estimating) is working for me but didn't work for my son at all. He had spent several weeks reducing what he ate to what intuitively feels healthy and appropriate portion size and was doing well with that, decided to try calorie counting instead and hated it, found he was stuffed trying to get the right number of calories which goes to show healthy food is generally more filling and satiating and changing his habits had worked better for him. I'm short female and older with less to lose (just over 2 stone) so calorie counting works for me as eating healthily/ intuitively just keeps me in maintenance.


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