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Bad day!


I have really tried to improve my diet and I have been meat free for a whole month. Today however I woke up with a headache and whilst out shopping’s I ended up eating a Big Mac large fries and coke!! Not sure how I feel about it but a mixture of guilt and disappointment! So start again tomorrow with a nice salad and some salmon and plenty of fresh water.

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Hi Kay_Lee,

Please don't let it get you down - you're doing brilliantly, and you've got great plans to eat a delicious meal tomorrow - and you're making changes to your diet this past month - sounds great to me!

Hope you enjoy your evening and that this week goes well.

Zest :-)

Kay_Lee in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest, back to normal tomorrow x

ZestStar in reply to Kay_Lee

Tomorrow is a fresh day, and I hope it will be an enjoyable one for you.

Zest :-) xx

Well done for being meat free for a month!

I think we all have moments when we slip up a bit and make less than healthy choices, especially if we are not feeling great and our willpower is at a low ebb.

So don't beat yourself up, and back to normal today - good luck :)

(i've just started my day with lots of water too, eating my porridge with flaxseed and banana right now!)

Kay_Lee in reply to benwl

Thank you, today I have made a lovely cauliflower and potato curry with coconut rice and side salad! So feeling better and back on track. Your breakfast sounds lovely

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