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Gave up sugar

I have diabetes type 2 and control it with food. The last 3 years I take no sugar, fructose or any processed or artificial sweeteners, except a little raw honey with Ceylon cinnamon occasionally. No sweets, no cakes, no sugar or sweetener in my coffee and tea. Also I avoid carbs like pasta, rice, etc. and when I have a small quantity is always whole grain. I eat porridge in the morning with added husks, flaxseed and turmeric.

My glucose levels are down to 5.6 (100) and feel great. I have two medical tests every year with clean results.

I would recommend to all to cut off sugar and substitutes, eat a lot of greens, multicolour fresh salads, legumes, fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod), and fat free meat such as chicken or turkey breast. Stay clear of processed foods, ham, etc., and go easy on fruit because it is fructose-rich. Lastly, if you are over 40-50, you don't need much milk but of you have to have it, have skimmed os semi skimmed. Organic, live yogurt is good.

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Fantastic to hear how you've got on, and that you're feeling so well. Really great. :-)

Zest :-)

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Absolutely awesome you've rediscovered this technique - more and more doctors are now starting to recommend this approach to their diabetic patients. It takes a lot of courage to do the exact opposite of what the mainstream experts are telling you to do.

You really don't need to be afraid of fat. In the absence of carbohydrates, you NEED fat as a source of energy - your body literally doesn't have any other options. Enjoy your butter and cheese and full-fat milk. The UK is one of the few remaining countries that refuses to accept the emerging consensus that dietary fat is not (in and of itself) harmful and has little or nothing to do with heart disease.


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