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Can't Cope

Hi. I have not been on here for approx 12 months maybe. I have just weighed myself and am 13st 9Ib, disgusted with myself.

I have various disabilities and am on benefits awaiting for change over which also is stressing me out. Plus, I just had been diagnosed with Cerebral Vascular Disease, which is quote 'widespread within the brain'. I have problems remembering and sometimes I can not think of words. Plus, I have tias. Basically. I'm a ticking time bomb. Lol.

So, how can I diet when I can't absolutely afford all the things I am supposed to eat like chicken and fish, which I love, but can't afford them? I live on an Island and have only one shop Coop which is costly. Any ideas, please?

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losing weight also seems to be a big issue with me ...and having a few problems with health too. also living with stress seems to be a way of life when you have health issues that are hard/impossible to coupe with. each of us just had tò do what they can to get by.

if you live on an island are you near the sea, if you are you can go fishing, you get bait from the beach..but thats if your health can stand up to that.

hope you get better ideas from others on here..🙂


Fantastic job, Hidden!😀

Thank you for the great ideas.

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Sorry to hear your ill health & dilemma, Jayney61.

You're in a difficult situation when you don't feel well, & have no choice where to shop. I'm aware that delivery companies sometimes charge extra to send products to islands, though perhaps you could research whether this is the case where you live, & compare the cost of delivery from companies that sell dried foods in bulk which is cheaper. I eat lots of nuts & seeds for protein & healthy oils, & usually place one order a month for different things, & do this in rotation.

Chicken & farmed fish are high in growth hormones & antibiotics, so not such a healthy food unless they're organic or fish caught where the seas aren't polluted. Could you perhaps afford the organic/wild versions on an occasional basis, if they're foods you feel you need?

Do you have anyone to help you cook & look after yourself that could make low cost filling foods? Someone on here last month said she'd been given a soup maker for christmas, which would make it easy for her to cook for herself. I think these are about £50, which may be an investment if it helps you eat more healthily. I use a big pan & a hand blender (about £10) to avoid too much chopping. Most of the soups I make are low cost, filling, & loaded with vegetables & lentils. I've posted several soup recipe links, & also budget recipes from the BBC Food website: bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/search Jack Monroe's cooking on a bootstrap website also has lots of recipe ideas: cookingonabootstrap.com/cat...

I always look in the reduced fruit & veg section in the supermarket to see if there's anything I like. Sometimes I get a week's worth of soup veg for a few pounds, or something exotic for half price.

Maybe keep this link for reference: anhinternational.org/wp-con...

Get in tough if anything I've written is not clear, or you want any further help.



Hi Mel, thank you for taking time out to reply to me. I love vegetables but one can only eat so many of them in one day, never mind all week, I am able to make vegetable soups, vegetable stir fry's and roasted veg's, but getting fed up with them. I love fish sticks also, at this time of year its too cold to be eating salads. oh and I do eat eggs.


You're welcome!

I'm vegetarian, so have a biase towards vegetables! :) Seasoning is important so soups aren't bland.

Eggs are very versatile & can be made in to lots of things. I make pancakes if I need a protein fix: 1 egg, half a pot of cottage cheese (sometimes I use kefir cheese), & 2 tbsp of oats or buckwheat flour. This makes 2, I eat one with a sprinkle of cheese & the other with a spoon of yoghurt & seeds or berries if I'm flush. ;)

It might be worth trying out different ways of eating to see if that helps.

Starch causes a weight issue for me, but I'm fine with fruit. I eat lots of nuts & seeds for protein, & feel better eating high fat/low starch foods. I can tell I've been eating baked potatoes this winter! :'(

I also stick to restrictive eating times, & found I could increase my calories by cutting down the hours I ate. Some people prefer intermittent fasting & do a 5:2 regime, where they eat only 500 calories on two non-consecutive days.


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Try a girl called jack - a single oatent who came to fame because feeding daughter and self on £10 a week. Here is link cookingonabootstrap.com/tag...

Boom probably worth getting

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