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Today I will be at the Chipping Norton pantomime. Beforehand I am sharing a meal with friends in a traditional sunday roast pub. My choice is plain baked potato with a side of steamed vegetables no dressing, no butter. A simple but nutritionally stunning meal awaits me. (Much more nutritionally complete than all those people having salmon/roasts etc.)

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Hi Andy,

I hope you enjoy your meal and also the Panto. Sounds like fun. :-)

Zest :-)

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Hi andyswarbs,

The meal sounds fantastic! How was it? I hope you had a great time.


They were "behind me"!!! The panto, sleeping beauty, was actually very creative & enjoyable. For part of it they had a big screen and rotated the actors who were actually crawling along the floor but on screen it looked like they were climbing a building, spider-man style! We always go for the last day of panto because the actors let their hair down a bit more.

The meal worked very well. I feel really good to have devised a meal that I can eat at most pubs across the UK with no compromise.

The party was about 18 adults, plus babies. I know I bash on about nutrition here, but obviously my friends and family get it in the ear as well. I have decided that none of them particularly wants to follow my nutritional lead in the sense that would be an admission they have health issues, and no one wants to do that. So they had salmon, roasts, puddings and the rest. And in my book what they had was generally very body damaging food since it was a total excess of fat, protein, sugar & salt. They all commented that what they ate was yummy.

Yummy does not equate to nutritionally good. Whole nations are walking out of restaurants saying they had a yummy meal. And they blindly walk meal-after-meal, biscuit-after-biscuit, cream tea after cream tea down a blind alley that leads each into such a strong likelihood of ill-health that it is not a matter of will they become unwell, more a matter of when.


I can understand completely what you mean. Some people here act the same. They think nothing will happen to them if they have any or everything they want in the world to eat. How’s that going to work for them?


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