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Fish chowder


This morning I prepared my mom's recipe of fish chowder in the slow cooker. She told me it was made special occasions in potlatches for the Chiefs and guests.

I'm sure I said it before, I'm a First Nation from the Toquaht tribe. Both my parents are hereditary chiefs (Very proud daughter).

The recipe is simple. 2 large salmon steaks, celery, onions, dill, salt and pepper. I like my potatoes so I made large diced ones in the pot, and small celery and onions diced. I put everything (0nly filled the water half of the slow cooker pot) in before I left for work at 8:30 on low. Everything was cooked at perfection after work. I thickened it to my liking with corn starch and lactose free milk. Served with 1 slice sourdough bread.

Thought I would share if anyone is interested :)

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Hi ShadowDee, this is really interesting and being proud of your parents, heritage is great, so I’m pleased for you, I also think it’s great having recipes from varied cultures and ideologies, so thanks for sharing this lovely family recipe.

Jerry 😊


Wow, ShadowDee - that sounds so delicious! I think I would love to eat that. Many thanks for sharing your family recipe, and really interesting to hear about your Heritage as well.

Hope you have a great week.

Zest :-)


your family recipe sounds very nice and as i got dill growing in the garden i think i will give this a try soon.

going back 50 years i was in the merchant navy and visited Canada a few times.. one of those times was fort William where i made friends form the near by indian village..i was only 17 years old then and the people there showed me great kindness ...and i still have very fond memories off week my ship was docked there.

PS..or was it Port Arthur next to Fort William.. memory starting to play up.

Thanks everyone. I'll share again if a different dish comes to mind.

Seafood is very big in our family. I just have to work out if my husband who is diabetic can have some of the dishes.

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