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Meat free help

A week down already nearly and I never thought I would eat things like this. Never mind slightly even enjoy it!

The past few days I've really struggled to eat meat and I am trying new things to avoid eating it as it's making me feel sick... I don't eat fish either so I need to make sure I'm still getting the correct nutrients!

Is any body else meat free and have any tips? :)

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Hi Megan9,

Your meal looks very tasty. Glad you're enjoying it.

Have you seen the NHS Choices information about Vegetarian and Vegan Diets? There might be some helpful tips and information there, that you'd find interesting:


Zest :-)


ATry to get your protein from a variety of sources. Dairy, beans and pulses. Quorn is a useful ingredient for those beginning g to change to a non meat diet. I would recommend doing your research and finding out how to balance your main food groups to make sure your diet is not lacking in some essentials.

Better to see a dish as a whole rather than cooking as usual and just making a substitute for the meat. Personally I am not keen on shop bought meat substitutes like veggie burgers, sausage rolls etc.

Cooking vegetarian food is more time consuming and take more thought than the meat and two veg kind but more fun. I have a lot of good cookery books and adapt and create my own versions.

Good luck



Take a look at the Vegetarian & Vegan Societies websites. Thet have lots of recipes, & good advice on nutrition. Some of my past posts are veg*n recipes from sites with thousands of recipes, & there's even websites with information, so you can put in ingredients & a list of recipes will appear. Look up One Green Planet. 101 Cookbooks is also great, & even the BBC Good Food website has lots of nice recipes.

My favourite cook books are by Sarah Brown & Cranks. They're >30 years old, but are still available second hand on internet shops, & very cheaply. I bought several last year, for veggie friends, & all arrived in better condition than the ones I've had that long. Rosie Elliot is another popular veggie writer. I love Yotam Ottolengi & Nigel Slaters vegetable dishes, as they are nutritious as well is tasty. Neither of these are veggie chefs, but they're as good as, with regard to non-meat dishes.

Try to stick to eating natural forms of protein & fats that aren't processed, & think natural rather than processed with regard to fats. Margarine is bad, as is sunflower oil, as they're both chemically processed foods.

Here's a few posts that might be worth a browse re nutrition: healthunlocked.com/healthye...


I eat wholemilk dairy kefir every day for probiotics, protein, B12 & K2, as well as other micronutrients. I ferment my own as there's a far wider range of good gut bacteria than the shop bought type.

Ask if you need any further information or help.



That looks good please tell me what you used


Hi Megan9,

This salad looks really good to me and its great that you enjoy healthy meals like this.

I cook lots of vegetarian meals and never use meat substitutes, I use chick peas and lentils mushrooms and lots of different veg so there's plenty of variety.

Quinoa is great as it contains protein and is a complete food so contains all the nutrients our body needs.

I wish you well with this and by the looks pf things you've got off to a good start ๐Ÿ˜Š

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