Meat free alternatives

Ok so eating to much meat is not good for you especially red meat.

I read a lot about people eating quorn as an alternative (mince). My question is has anyone here tried the tesco meat free range and what do you think of it. I tend to buy this as the price of normal meat seems to keep climbing every few weeks/month


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  • Hi there! I have been using most of the quorn range ; and the Linda McCartney especially her sausages they are so tasty; they taste better than the quorn ones. I am a two week home delivery girl who loves Tesco I have used a lot of their own free from meats; cornflakes, yogurts, gravy mix ; you name it I have tried it and love everything about them. Even the white or brown 4 pack of bread rolls of which I don't eat much bread anyway. I do have almond milk and cashew milk too . I'm not gluten free and I am not vegetarian but since I changed my whole dietary changes due to health reasons I have never felt better. Even my stomach bloating and feeling full has gone. It is slightly more money to pay on certain items but I swear by Tesco free from. 😊

  • i love the strawberry flakes cereal very cheap and tasty. with special k i found myself suffocating it with sugar but these i have sugar free and no sweetener either. #happy

  • Totally! I can relate to that. I have also found an alternative to my bad chocolate craving 🙈.. Tesco do chocologic milk; dark or hazelnut 60_90% sugar free and the kalo Belgian chocolate covered thins rice cakes - very yummy 😋

  • Quorn . It's a good source of protein and adapts to many dishes. Good for the planet too as it's grow in vats and doesn't use precious agricultural land. So win all round. As for the other meat free products I feel it's better to buy the raw ingredients and cook yourself. Some of the processed meals are full of salt and sugar.


  • I haven't tried this meat free range as I avoid eating processed foods.

    If you're trying to loose weight avoid unfermented soya products altogether. Despite the hard sell advertising, it is not good for us as it blocks thyroid hormone production & absorption. It's also environmentally unsound, though not as bad as meat.

    Quorn is cheap, very easy to use, & high in protein. Most is grown on an egg substrate, though I'm unsure what the new Vegan range is grown on. I rarely eat it now, but would prefer it to soy based meat substitutes.

  • Unless you want to follow a vegetarian regime you need to include a little meat and fish in your diet. Quorn is a manufacturered product which i would not rank as food. Man has been provided with a wide range of fresh vegetables and fruit and has been eating meat and other animal products for thousands of years, why have they suddenly become bad for us? The late Surgeon Captain T.L. Cleave FRCP recommended simple food as near to as it came out of the ground and, in his words, do not tamper with it. He has been proved to be right. Enjoy life, that's what it's for. Tibbly

  • I also like the Linda McCartney sausages, that Millie09 mentioned. Particularly the Red onion and basil flavour ones - they are really tasty. :-)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and wishing you a great week.

    Zest :-)

  • I really thought I had found a great alternative to buying chicken when I started buying Tesco quorn chicken meals ( I hate buying chicken, the thought of how the poor things are kept and slaughtered makes me cringe and I have as little as possible ) what I do buy is for my husband.

    Unfortunately quorn makes him very ill, first time it was a mild sickly feeling and then each time he ate it it got worse till the last time he ate it he said it was frightening how ill he felt.

    I put a google search in and started to type " quorn makes me feel sick" and google finished the sentence and there were vary many examples of this happening to other people. I don't blame Tesco for this, I think any quorn would have caused it.

    Not saying this would happen to you and I very much hope not, just always good to be aware of these things.

    So back to buying chicken (free range wherever possible).

  • Thank you for that info Dottie, I didn't know that about the omega 6, never looked into the nutritional side of chicken much though I had heard it is much fattier than often thought.

    All the more reason not to eat it. I'll look into grass fed meat, again much better for welfare reasons.

  • I may start using my local butcher shop. only ever bought cheese from there so need to check how much meat will be. thinks i was scared b4 after e-coli stories in small owned butchers and put me off for ages.

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