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Salmon of Caffeine

Hi all, I went out for lunch today and had my normal coffee (mocha) but made with Lactose free milk as I have found that could be a problem with me. About an hour after my lunch I started to feel nauseous and the only thing I think it could be is either the raw salmon I had on my sourdough toast with scrambled egg (the scrambled egg was also Lactose free) or the caffeine that I had by mistake - I forgot to ask for caffeine free.

I am thinking that the problem is the salmon but I could be wrong, has anyone else had this with salmon?

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Hi Alicia,

I'm really sorry you've been feeling nauseous today - personally, I've never experienced any difficulties with salmon. Did it seem fresh? I think you can often go by the smell to find out if it's fresh?

I hope you feel better very soon.

Zest :-)


Thank you Zest and yes it was definitely fresh as it looked really good and didn't have a fishy smell at all. I have to say that this is my favourite lunch when out at this particular place and the past say 3 times I have felt the same. The caffeine may have something to do with it as today I met a friend and had a coffee (again forgot to ask for decafe!!) and am feeling a little nauseous again this afternoon but not as bad as yesterday.

Thank you

Alicia :)

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I sometimes get queasy after eating eggs. Nothing wrong with the eggs but if I've had a run of eating them frequently, one day I'll be fine the next queasy within minutes of eating. I once went low carb and started vomiting shortly after eating eggs but I was eating more than a normal quota. No experience of feeling ill after other foods you mention as I don't eat them.


Thank you for your reply and I never thought of the eggs. I do have egg sandwiches but never have problems with those but of course they are cooked differently - I don't have eggs very often. I did have caffeine again today, I so wish I could remember to ask for decafe, and am feeling a little nauseous again this afternoon so maybe that is the problem.

It's so difficult to know what upsets you and what you can eat, such a minefield!! I've had IBS for years and only used to get the tummy pain and wind and could cope with that but in the past few months I've had nausea and loose stools at times as well.


The salmon will have been smoked, which is a method of preserving it. Unless it smelt bad it is unlikely to be the problem. More likely the caffeine if you don't normally drink coffee. It could well make you shaky and nauseous.



Thank you deejames and yes you are right as it's smoked fresh salmon that I eat. The fish smelt absolutely fine but Henbur above has said that he/she sometimes get problems with eggs and that is something I didn't think about although I can eat hard boiled ones. I again forgot to ask for decafe coffee today so am thinking that is the problem as I drink coffee at home but make it using decafe coffee and don't get a problem.




Might be a good isea to contact your local Environmental Health department as well as your GP.


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