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Help with my liver again

Hi I wrote a few weeks ago about my fatty liver and the response was abosultly fab well I've been on my diet 4weeks no no fats or sugar had a scan Monday can't belive it is noworth have inflammation and fatty liver plus changes in the gall bladder with fat round it can someone please tell me where I'm going wrong I have done everything the doctor asked me to do so fed up of it getting worse help !!!!!!

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its probably going to take a good bit longer than a few weeks val. and if you'v been having bad gallstones problem then i dont think that gets any better once you have had a few attack. some people do a gallbladder flush and do them regularly and manage that way to keep the pain at bay and for otheres well, i had to get mine out. we dont really know all your circumstances and cant tell you whats happened in your individual case all we know is how to reduct fat and try and follow the diet for reversing fatty liver. please keep up the good work as it will pay of eventually its got to. it will help all of your organcs keeping of bad fats and high salt and sugar. so try not to give up hope in this early stage. keep your chin up and keep going. your not going wrong anywhere except maybe expecting results to soon. love grace xoxoxo


Thankyou so much grace for your reply it was been so much harder than I ever expected was sure my scan would be better in fact was worse never had gall bladder problems on the 1st scan I will continue although it's very hard when things don't seem to change but your kind words have helped alot thinking maybe a few months may be getting better think I was thinking I would get better to soon before thanks again val xxx

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hi Val. Yes please dont loose hope. As it has to get better eventually if you stick to your healthy eating. It will take time too. Have you had any pain with your gallbadder? YOU will get there. Every day is a day closer. keep in touch on the forum. oh i just wanted to say that sometimes there is so much fat the the gallbladder cant be seen as its all squashed up and buried in fat. so maybe you have lost fat and now it able to be seen on the scan. love grace xoxoxo

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Nothing will help you except idm. And exercise of course.Go for lchf diet. Carbs as low as possible and protein up to 1 g / kg / day. Upto 1.5 if doing strenuous exercise. Good fats as much as possible. Try for keto diet to get better and early result.

Get bladder removed before it gets infected.

Gud luk.


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