Just been informed by my doctor by phone this morning that my cholesterol level is high at under 7 --terrible shock also to be told "well it was once 8 " I have NEVER been told this before so WHY wasn't I told ??? so feel a number NOT a person so feel pretty depressed & shocked as my grandma died of a massive heart attack (before I was born ) & my mother was in hospital for 10 long agonising years due to strokes


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29 Replies

  • Please don't feel depressed. High cholesterol, total cholesterol or triglycerides, please clarify. High total cholesterol does not mean attack or stroke.

  • bless you

  • If eating meats esp red meat reduce and stop say the world health organisation. Bad cholesterol only comes from animal products.

  • thanks for your lovely reply its just my late mother was hospitalised for 10 long awful years after her strokes --she couldn't speak & was so brain damaged --truly a living HELL & agony to watch her suffering

  • God is beautiful and with him all is possible

  • Your cholesterol level might be right for you, who knows, you doctor certainly doesn't. So don't get too worried that is more likely to make you ill.

    Your lifestyle is much more important. I have said this many times, you must get rid of foods with added sugar, get rid of foods from white flour and include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Replace white bread not with supermarket wholemeal but genuine 100% wholemeal. Certainly avoid anything with the polyunsaturated fats like sunflour oil, rape seed oil and ALL margarines with normal animal fats. We've eaten butter for hundreds if not thousands of years; finally if possible whole unpasteurised milk. That's the broad brush suggestion; better than pills that can compromise your immune system.

  • Hi bless you -- you made me smile with your second reply ---I struggle trying to loss weight although its only 5lbs to go ---I love my fruit & vegetables but I can see I have been buying a slimming wholemeal bread so will change that & maybe cut a thinner slice of "real wholemeal bread "----- being at level 8 & NEVER being told is rather scary at my "less young age " thank you so much for replying --I'm new this gadget

  • Hello cottage 1, I offer you a great therapy and that is to make your own bread from stone ground wholemeal flour. I make all the bread in the home and use a recipe that you can find at: I actually double the recipe as suggested to save oven time. Put one loaf in the freezer in a plastic bag; it will thaw in about four hours when you come to use it. The total time for baking the bread with that recipe is a little over an hour from start to finish. I cheat a bit because I do all of the mixing in a Kenwood Chef with a dough hook. Have a go, it's really satisfying.

  • Thanks for that recipe as iv been looking for one to make some nice organic bread rolls. I live on my own so dont want to make to much at once. iv also got a machine with a bread hook its called a ninja and makes juices and much more. I dont know how i managed before i had this.Does the bread taste the same if its been frozen.? love grace xoxo

  • Hello Grace, If the bread thaws in it's own time you'd never know the difference. We take it out of the freezer still in its plastic bag and leave it on the work-top over night.

    If you are on your own perhaps you can get smaller tins and make two or four at a time. Alternatively cut the loaves in half before you freeze them; do wait for them to completely cold.

  • thanks. xoxo

  • bless you cant believe there are so many kind folk "out"there wishing to help --will give the bread making a try --

  • Error, I should have said replace the polyunsaturated oils with butter etc.

  • thanks again life is a challenge

  • New to the group as well got the High Cholesterol and Borderline Diabetes scare , smoking 20 a day until I got the call,, Now I have given up smoking as from Tuesday, Now need to get the diet sorted,,

  • good for you giving up smoking that is amazing

  • Thank You Cottage 1

    hard work but rather give them up than inject for Diabetes

  • Oh and the Noodles part of my user name is my hair being curly not food ! oops

  • I've been thinking that my smoking habit is very unhealthy so to read that you have decided to quite smoking is a good motivation for me

  • the Chemical in the CIgarettes is a big issue with Cholesterol is what I researched,, I was happy smoking as nothing worse than getting nagged by others to quit.. It has to be your own decision, ,, the Doctors diagnosis was enough for me to quit,, The hardest is after a meal and If I have a drink.. but this passes if you quickly do something else .. Good luck if you are going for it xx

  • Thank you I'm also one of them people who likes to smoke and I'm just taking this one step at a time thanks


  • Hello

    Tibblington has hit the nail .

    His advise would normalize the cholesterol levels

  • yes I agree Tibblingtons reply has really helped me SO much as my middle names are WORRY & PANIC

  • My cholesterol is really high at 9. So is my healthy 91 year old mother's. We've both been vegetarians most of our lives, don't smoke or drink and don't take any medications - including the Statins our doctors wanted us to take to lower our cholesterol. But it is known that Statins damage muscles, and your heart is a muscle.

    Based on that knowledge alone we both refused to take Statins. My doctor told me that when I dropped down dead from a heart attack, he would say "I told you so". (I changed doctors.) That was more than 10 years ago and it has since been shown that people who take Statins are more likely to have heart attacks.

    At first I found a way to lower my cholesterol naturally by taking soya lecithin. But now I've decided to trust that my body knows what it is doing. I've heard doctors say we shouldn't mess around with our cholesterol so I happily leave mine alone.

    I wondered why Statins were being pushed at so many of us so aggressively, so I started doing a lot of research. I discovered that the cholesterol theory has been discredited and that we actually need our cholesterol to repair damage and stay well. Lowering your cholesterol, especially when you're older, is like killing off firemen instead of putting out a fire.

    You can do your own research online to put your mind at rest and give you ammunition to stand up to some doctor's scare tactics. Here are a couple of links to relevant articles to get you started -

  • Best way to reduce cholesterol naturally is to reduce carbohydrates and sugars

    Add up some fats like butter. Olive oil. Coconut oil. Walnuts. Flax seeds. Ghee

    These will boost to HDL and improve the TG/HDL ratio which is more important

    Regarding cholesterol it's said that we need more as we age

    Cholesterol levels is also said to be indicative or repairitive... and the cause is inflammation

    Reduce inflammation by reducing all refined carbs and sugars .

    Avoid all packaged stuff and try and have home made real food only

    All the best

  • bless you I bought pecan nuts never eaten them before as this had been mentioned in a "reply" to me ---I think I loved them too much as I soon went through the packet so now only have 2oz a day to nibble on but I will try walnuts & flax seed as I do not take sugar & have reduced my carbs --once again thank you so much

  • Pecans are excellent snacks

  • For every one here with High Cholesterol

    Yes high cholesterol may cause stroke or heart attack -if it oxidize and form a plaque.

    Studies have shown that 50% people dies with heart attack had normal cholesterol.

    Other studies have shown that people with high cholesterol- over 400mg have no heart disease.

    Best is to try and take Calcium Score test - to find out if you have any clogged arteries

    before its too late.

    Yes- I also believe - NOT to take statins.

    TO Reduce Cholesterol -- Indian Remedy -- make one cup juice of each following

    Ginger, lemon, garlic , apple cider vinegar and water

    Add all together in a big pot and bring to a boil

    Reduce heat and let it seemer -- while stirring

    When liquid becomes Four cups ( from original five cups) - add one cup honey

    let it seemer few minutes -then turn off heat

    once cool down - fill the liquid in bottle and store in refrigerator.

    Take one table spoon - every morning on empty stomach.

    Do not eat or drink anything for next 30 minutes.

    This will last four to five weeks.

    Wait two weeks and repeat same again

    Do blood test again after three months and monitor results.

    Total Cholesterol should be 250 or less

    HDL - above 60 and LDL less than 100 ( 90 for diabetics).

  • This was posted by some one - 45 Things Doctor do for Heart -

    one thing - see below

    "Vigorous aerobic exercise is the key to heart health. Weight lifting is also good, but frequent, intense, prolonged cardiovascular exercise reduces blood pressure, increases good cholesterol (HDL), reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and also stabilizes blood sugar. I try to do a 45-minute session nearly every day in which I burn about 750 calories. If you're not conditioned you have to work up to that level but everyone can always do a little more than what they've done." —Paul B. Langevin, MD, director of cardiothoracic anesthesia and cardiac critical care at Hahnemann University Hospital ""

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