How to get back into a healthy sleep pattern?

I have high cortisol which is mostly due to my bad sleep habits but i don't know how to change that without causing more damage. I think i'm on the verge of adrenal fatigue. I tried everything healthy to get back into a sleep pattern. I turned off all electronics, i read, had a bath, drank warm milk etc... but it didn't really work. I can't sleep until like 4am now and i get up at like 2pm which i know i need to change. Should i just stay up all night and day?


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  • Hi

    Not sure if it could be linked to your diet as you havent mentioned what you usually eat or drink before sleepng-worth discussing with your GP.

    It does sound like you also have a lot on your mind. Have you tried keeping a diary? If that's not for you, I have heard that making a 'purge' list - write down everything that's on your mind before you settle down to sleep - can clear your head. Then write 1 good thing you are happy you about: something good you did for yourself or someone else for the day can have a good effect.

    Hope this helps!


  • Have you had your thyroid hormones checked? I had poor sleep patterns prior to medicating with thyroid hormones, as lack of THs can mess up one's circadian cortisol pattern.

    Staying up all night would likely make you more stressed. Perhaps

    setting an alarm 15 minutes or half an hour earlier each day, rather than

    sleeping till 2pm, might trick your body into going to sleep a litle bit

    earlier each night, & won't be such a shock to your body.

    I did find epsom salt or magnesium salt baths helped, as magnesium soothes the nervous system. I get a 25kg sack, & use 2 large mug fulls, which is about 500g. Also taking chelated magnesium at bedtime, if I've not had a soak.

    I also take melatonin if I think I'm going to have a problem getting to sleep, if I'm overthinking or my joints are especially bad. I try not to take it too often as that can reduce the body's ability to produce it. If you're in the UK, your GP might prescribe it if they're aware of your sleep problems, otherwise it can be imported from the US, where it's an OTC medication.

  • I was thinking maybe going to sleep later each night and waking up later until eventually i do a full circle and sleep at like 9pm. Would that be unhealthy?

  • I'm no expert, but having stayed up all night for various reasons, I've been floored for a month afterwards. Our body's need adequate sleep to remain healthy.

  • Yeah the same happened to me i just feel so stuck. It's a constant negative cycle because it's the bad sleep patterns that are the main cause of my high cortisol. I'll try to get up a half an hour earlier each morning like you suggested.

  • Even 15 minutes a day could have you back to a normal sleep pattern in a month. Sometimes gentle steps are easiest. :)

    If your GP is aware of your cortisol issue from test results, they're more likely to prescribe melatonin as a short term aid to geting your sleep back on track.

  • Take ashwagandha. Start with 250-400 mg.

  • Its better to consult a doctor and provide all of this details so he/she the one will provide if you need to take something or you need to do some changes with your diet.

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