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Including Smoothies in Fruit and Veg count

Hi there, I've been making a lot of fruit and veg smoothies lately, being careful about the sugar content, and adding seeds and nuts too. The NHS advice is that only up to 150 ml can count towards the 5 a day or 10 a day, as fibre isn't as much as eating the unblended version. But if I'm just using a domestic, fairly low power blender - which doesn't puree or juice the fruit and veg so much as chop it into small pieces - is this advice still true?

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if one was juicing the fruit/veg i could see the point. just cant imagine chopping through 10 pieces of fruit and veg every day espeically if it was raw veg. i'd say your doing amazing good for yourself. well done.


I would rather eat the fruit and veg than smoothie them! There is far more fibre (which we all need) in the raw fruit than when it is all mooshed up in a blender (be it a big powerful one or a small blender). You are also more like to end up with more fructose by having smoothies and therefore upping your sugar content in your diet, I know you say you are being careful with the fructose content by you are putting into a liquid form which is digested more quickly than if you eat it.

I appreciate that smoothies are one of the big things at the moment, but in my opinion, its better to eat the whole fruit and veg and get the benefit of the fibre.

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Firstly i would suggest all smoothies are made at home from fresh ingredients. Many commercial ones have additives to improve shelf life. When you are making the smoothie, first lay out all the ingredients and then ask yourself a simple question. Would I (or even could i) eat all those raw ? If the answer is yes go ahead and enjoy the smoothie. If the answer is no you would be forcing your stomach to perform in an unnatural way. Either cut out some of the ingredients or forget the idea altogether.


i suppose its a lot easier to munch through a pile of veg if you have your own teeth. i don't. i make sure that i dont juice a lot of fruit and also to many veg with high sugars. i ony buy organic veg and fruit. i am really happy with what i consume. i like your post. love grace xoxoxo


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