Making canned mackerel taste even better?

Hi all,

I eat canned mackerel because it so cheap and filling so I'm looking for a way of making it taste better. At the moment I take the strips out and wipe them down with paper towels to get rid of the strong-tasting oil. I'm wandering, is it recommended to fry them or grill them? Just wondering how you eat yours and looking for any advice.



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  • i usually put mine in the microwave for a very short time and pat them with paper towels, you coud fry or grill. love grave xoxoxo

  • Hi Backtobasics95,

    I've never heated up the canned mackerel - never thought about that before - I tend to just open the tin and put the mackerel on a plate and eat it cold with some salads - as a lunch idea in the Summer. I really enjoy that. Not had any for ages though, so you've reminded me. Tinned sardines in tomato are another tasty idea that I enjoy.

    Hope you're enjoying your week.

    Zest :-)

  • I have never done anything apart from taken them from the can; I eat mine cold too with salad or baked sweet potato. Never had them warm. Don't think I could eat them that way .my dad bless him used to eat his 0n toast 😊

  • I use it in Kedgeree - a little curry paste (to taste) brown cooked rice, serve with tomato and onion salad and a hard boiled egg.

  • Oooh that sounds like a plan! Thanks for that post yelverton 😊

  • I can only say one thing, why aren't you buying fresh Mackerel from the fishmonger? Doubtless he will prepare it for cooking for you. If it's in a tin it been processed if only a little. Tibbly

  • Canned mackerel is really economical. Fresh fish, not so much. Nowt wrong with the canning of food. Preserves and can even increase the nutritional value. 👌

  • Because it's so cheap

  • Hi, the canning process is actually just cooking the fish, so no need to avoid it just because it "processed" and certainly no need to cook it again, unless you want to eat it hot. So far as what to do with the fish, I like it mixed with low fat cottage cheese. Sounds odd, tastes great. Or you can mix with other veg and salad items to add a protein hit to a healthy veg meal.

  • I usually eat all canned fish straight out of the tin. I also love cottage cheese. I never would have thought to mix them. I am going to try this very soon. Looking forward to it! Thank you for the idea!

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