Day 1

Hello, I have put on weight over the last couple of years and have decided it's time to lose it. I used a booklet from the NHS to give up smoking about 10 years ago so thought I'd give their weight loss programme a go. Have printed the materials and cleared the unhealthy foods from the cupboards so here goes. If anybody else is just starting out, be good to share progress.


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  • Test.

  • I was told by my GP that I was on the borderline of diabetes and I got weighed and have put on extra weight. So my plans is to do more healthy eating and more exercise. My problems is KNOWING what is good for me to eat and what lunches to make for when I am at work

  • Hi Panther, it's funny isn't it, we know we need to do something yet when a doctor tells us, it really hits home. Good luck with it. I get confused about what's healthy too so I decided to keep it basic. Porridge for breakfast with some raspberries, a cheese or egg sandwich for lunch with a yogurt and a chicken breast with lentils or rice and some veges. Fruit for snacks. I'm trying to take the interest out of food so plan to eat a lot of the same things for a week, then switch it about so get all the nutrients. That's the plan anyway! Justine

  • Thanks for your comment Fresh2708. I tend to have Porridge for breakfast. But as I work outside of the office, lunch times are the worse for me. I just want something quick. I tend not to eat bread, so I think I have limited myself. For evening meals, I seem to be on top of that. Planning meals IS the best way to go about things but thats easier said than done. Planning meals for one isn't as easy as I thought it should be.

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