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Hiatus hernia and diet


I have been taking Omeprazole as and when required for 15 years. I can weeks without any. All of sudden 2 weeks ago I started getting acid indigestion that perservered and would not be shifted by the medication. It could persist for 2 or dYS AND THEN suddenly be OK for a day or two, I am also burping more. MY Gp thought it may be a sliding hiatus hernia and told ne to take 2 tabs a day for a week then 1 for a month. I am at the end of the week and still no better. It is strange because whe I eat my measl it is OK for about 15 mins then starts up again. So I see some sites suggest not eating various foods as they are acidic. This cant be right as your stomach acid is around pH 1.5 and much more acidic then any foods you will eat or drink? Any comments would be welcome please.

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heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in a small glass of milk - as it is alkaline, it neutralises the acid. Haven't got a medical problem as such, but puts me right if I make too much acid...xx

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I have a hiatus hernia too but don't have too much trouble with it although 20 years ago when it was diagnosed it was awful. I don't take anything now except the odd antacid if I get mild heartburn. However, I have cut back on greasy food and alcohol.

It might be worth checking your diet and see if there's anything that could be affecting you. Don't take anything without checking with your GP first.


I have a hiatus hernia and reflux oesophagitis and have been on 20mg of Omeprazole once a day for around 15 years, I can't not take it, I get dreadful pains if I don't also need to take gaviscon at times. I find certain foods aggravate in particular salted peanuts and any greasy foods like fish and chips White wine is another no no but red is OK

If it continues to be bothersome I would go back to your GP and ask for a referral, it could be that you have an ulcer


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