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BMI and calories

On the NHS BMI calculator I should be having between 1782-2291 calories each day. However, My Fitness Pal gives me 1490, which I have been sticking to and have been feeling a little peckish some days. Which one should I believe? I don't want to eat too few calories as I am aware that my body will cling on to the weight if I do. I hope someone can clear this up for me - Concerned are you there?!!!...xx

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Check your mfp settings (goals) for weekly weight loss. It sounds like this is factored in to your calorie target.


Hi dickymint678 I've been into MFP goals - never ventured there before - and changed my activity level to light (405 mins exercise this week) as opposed to non-existent like it was before, and it has indeed changed my calorie allowance. Many thanks for the reply...xx

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Sorry, I was working overtime yesterday.

For matters like this I usually suggest seeing what happens; try towards the higher end of the calorie range, and if you lose weight that is right for you in your current circumstances. Remember to adjust your calculation, allowing for your change in body composition/circumstances, following your monthly maintenance break.

As important is the ratio of your energy intake; roughly 10% protein, 30% low Gi carbs, 60% natural fat (including any body-fat 'burned'), and of course the quality of what you eat.


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