diseases are created

hi guys just wanted to share with you that diseases are not handed down in the genes but our bad habits and lifestyles are what we hand down to our children. Its what we eat that makes us sick. What our body needs is the essential nutrients and it will heal from within and what are these nutrients- vitamins, proteins,carbohydrates, minerals, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, water and fresh air. With these 9 things we are to go on a disease free journey of life. God bless you as you strive to give your body what it needs,


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  • Well not strictly true. I can think of certain breast cancers that have a genetic link for a start.

    Yes life style is important but there is a gentic component to many diseases


  • The genetic link is only the pre-disposition it doesn't mean that you will get the disease. I quote a doctor.

  • What about viruses, parasitic diseases, bacterial diseases just to mention a few of the things lurking that can get into the most healthy systems. It's a lottery.

    Good to live as healthy a lifestyle as is possible for you as an individual but it's not the answer to a disease free life. If only !


  • And of course there are the thousands of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites etc.


  • Not necessarily so. I was brought up with a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. The same for my children yet I have a faulty gene for blood clotting that was passed from my father to me and now me to my children. I was a keen cyclist and sports participator etc. and I think it is very unfortunate to be reading posts such as yours . It is extremely upsetting to hear that disease and disability etc. are all down to the lifestyle adopted by the sufferer. People who do have diagnosed disease should not feel they are automatically to blame; Nor should those of us who do have an inherited genetic fault blame our parents. I am pleased that you are disease-free euny but for those of us who are not - hang in there. Anne

  • I am sorry Annel but l am not saying the sufferer is to blame all l am trying to share with you guys is that we have been told since infancy that diseases are passed on which is wrong, l used to think so too. I was asthmatic from age 3 and was told it was coz my paternal granny was asthmatic and l was on meds until age 24 and l decided to stop taking the tabs coz l hate drugs, and l hate seeing people suffering and it was my passion to work in health since l was little and l have pursued that path since 2004 but still never witnessed curing of diseases but just suppressing symptoms and causing even more harm to the patients with the side effects of ALL drugs. We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis- the air we breathe, air fresheners, the tap water people drink and bath in, the foods we eat with poisonous additives and preservatives all these cause cancer and other degenerative diseases! l myself have suffered and now that l know the truth about the causes of our suffering l am working towards changing my lifestyle and seek the good things that nature can offer which are good for me and my family and because l want to see people living happy and fulfilling lives where we don't loose our loved ones from things that can be avoided l share the information l have found and seen bring results in saving lives.

  • How can my eye problems be down to life style etc when I was born with them, 4th generation in the family!!!!!!

  • That is a predisposition not a disease. Don't confuse the two.

  • Do you know that carrots,spinach,sweet potatoes are good for your eyes, you get beta-carotene from these foods which improves your eyesight so the less essential nutrients you take in your diet the more susceptible you are to some of these conditions that affect us as we grow older- that's lifestyle effects we experience in the long term

  • If you can have other features like your looks etc passed down through your genes then why cant an ailment be passed the same way?

  • Oh Dear, Did you mean that to come across as strong as it did euny. I don,t think you did. There is truth in your 9 nutrients but may be a bit sweeping to put lack of, all down to the cause of diseases, in isolation. There are all sorts of factors to take into account other than diet. Environment, emotions, genes and the things that Dee mentioned and probably more that I am not aware of. It stands to reason that eating healthily is beneficial and helps to protect your body. Your post content obviously is your believe and that is great cos it works for you. I am a great believer if you find a way that is good for you then follow it but it may not be others bag. I hope your good health continues. 2well-ington

  • Hello 2well-ington,

    Don't make things too complicated. "euny" has it right, I agree with him entirely. Have a look at my reply to him.

  • Hi Tibblington, My reply intended to convey that there are many reasons why our bodies behave as they do. I am a STRONG believer that we can create our bodies dis-ease and I handle it in a way that suits me. What I am saying is that my approach may not suit everybody,the same point I was conveying in my reply to euny. People approach things in different ways and if it suits them then that is all that matters. I have no dietory qualifications to be dictatorial about what I think. I tried to encompass every one who has different attitudes. I read, I listen with interest and make my own conclusions. 2well-ington.

  • Oh just to add. I feel blame is a very negative word and it would be better if it did not exist. 2well-ington.

  • Hi, I think you need to rethink your comment there!! I'd very much like to see where the proof is about that!!! Regarding diseases not being handed down through the genes??? !!!! I do agree that diet plays a big part in us keeping as well as we can though.

  • Hello euny,

    Gosh, at last someone speaking the truth; 10/10 for your sensible comment. Our surgeon friend says (in a lecture) "There is nothing wrong with our bodies, it's the way we treat them that makes them ill". When people get ill they look round for something or someone to blame rather than themselves. Dr. Joel Wallach who was a vet and subsequently went back to college to qualify as a doctor, says that even breast cancer can be linked to lifestyle. There may be a pre-disposition but you don't have to get it.

    Stay with it euny, you've got it right!

  • Some breast cancers can be linked to lifestyle but others can't and it not helpful to suggest that those sufferers could have avoided it if only they had taken more care.

    We all I suspect know the person with an exemplary lifestyle who gets cancer or another disease and the heavy smoking junk food eater who lives to 80.

    How about Ebola and Zika viruses ?


  • I think we are talking about two different types of diseases, infectious and degenerative. Those you list are infectious but when I quote instances of breast cancer I am repeating the words of recognised medical experts, Dr.Joel Wallach for example. Hippocrates said that all disease starts in the gut and more recently Dr.Natasha Campbell-McBride reinforces that opinion; they are both referring to degenerative disease. She even includes autism. I would certainly not include Ebola or Zika in the same breath.

    I would not be so arrogant as to quote my opinion but always that of acknowledged medical experts.

    I wonder how many of that group of 80 year olds you mention are not taking any form of routine medication; I am 82 and take no regular medication at all and never have.

  • well thanks tibblington for your supporting comments, of course there diseases that are caused by parasites,viruses etc those are infectious diseases- with some chronic and degenerative diseases- its true they start off in the gut (with food accumulating layer upon layer over the years and parasites and worms hiding in these layers feeding off us and secreting their toxic waste into our bodies), and folks do you know that even some diseases like asthma its just dehydration (severe water drought in your body). with water alone (purified water with ionic minerals restored), water that can be absorbed by a cell can help us from suffering some of these diseases-anthritis, colitis, peptic ulcer just to mention a few. if only we knew that innocent children die every year from asthma- but its just a body'sway of reporting chronic dehydration

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