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Healthy suggestions for a fussy eater?

Hello all,

This post is about my other half. Since he was young he's despised veggies, can't stand them & won't eat them if they're too 'chunky' - he had terrible eating habits but so far I've got him onto more rice based meals, less junk food, more water and no sugary drinks, and I'm in the process of getting him in the habit of drinking 2-3 portions of fruit through (100%) fruit juice which he's perfectly happy with. But with the lack of greens I worry he's not getting enough essential vitamins, even though he has no visible deficiencies (it seems), and I'm hoping there's some helpful members who have had a similar issue (likely with children instead of a grown man!) but I am very determined on helping him make the right choices regarding food while not making him hate eating or forcing him. Obviously he's an adult, we're in our 20's but since we intend to spend our lives together, I worry about his health in the long run. I've had the idea of freezing kale, crunching it up into very fine pieces and adding it to meals, we don't have a blender but eventually it'd be nice to make pesto and sauces blended smoothly enough for him not to notice or taste them when we can afford one down the line, and unfortunately he doesn't like soup, but for now does anyone have any other suggestions? Some vitamin-rich alternatives maybe?

Thanks for any advice anyone may have.

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Hi Honk. I think your idea of crunched up kale is good but why not other veggies as well?

I can't really give any personal advice since I love all veggies especially the widely hated Brussels sprouts!

A word of caution over the 100% fruit juices: these are often a source of sugar and calories with little other nutritional benefit unless they include the skins.

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Ah, see, I was hoping they'd provide some vitamin C and D! But I'll look out for some better alternatives. For some reason I didn't consider using other veggies too... I'm the same, love veggies! Don't understand what the hate is all about :P


I know it's hard to imagine, before agriculture no-one ate rice.

Add greens to real fruit and whole-milk to make yummy smoothies from real food


Kale crisps cooked in rice bran oil with Himalayan salt.

Wash & dray kale & remove the chunky stalks. Chop in to small pieces. Put in a roasting dish, & toss in oil, roast in a very hot oven for 10 minutes, then stir thoroughly, & roast until crispy. Add salt, stir thoroughly & eat.

I could eat a very large bag on my own, but it's also nice sprinkled on salads & soups. & even cheese on toast.


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