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Weight loss ... not a quick fix! If only it was ... I wish

Weight loss ... not a quick fix!  If only it was ... I wish

After seeing a nutritionalist I am eating much more healthily. I do have slip ups, but have been getting back on track much better than before! I know losing weight is often a slow process. I want faster results, but am accepting it takes time ... day by day. How are you doing today? Keep going .... I will too. Brown eyes x

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Hello Browneyes4 😊

You are right about there not being a quick fix! But every journey is made up of lots of small steps, and so is weight loss 😊

Have you been over to the Weight Loss Forum? We are a very friendly bunch who help and support each other on our journey 😊

Good luck

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Hello Anna. Good to hear from you. Yes, we really need to take a day at a time ... small changes gradually, yes. I wake up and think ... gosh, I wish all this fat would disappear! My extra weight affects my energy levels so much. I hope you are doing well, on your journey. I will try to find the Weight Loss Forum. Thank you. Xx

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