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Hi im new on this

Hi I'm 27 years old with 3 children youngest being on 5months finding it difficult to lose the weight. Last year I had lost around 10kg all just my watching what I eat and a little bit of excercise. Now it just feels like I don't have the time firstly and plus when I do try my knee starts hurting and struggle to even walk (injured my knee by falling over couple of years ago). Now I just need to go down to a healthy weight but just struggling. Please help!

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Hey Aysha, it seems like you don't have time to do those things you did just to lose some of your weight as you are busy doing your job as a mother of three children now. So, i can practice eating healthy foods but not exceeding the amount of calories that will gain your weight and do all the housework chores such as cleaning, cooking and so on as an exercise for you everyday. Keep the stress feeling away from you as it will bother you, seriously. Do enjoy practicing these things effectively although this may take a long period of time. Maybe, a few weeks later, you may loss a 2-3 pounds. You can do this. Good luck! 😊


hiya Aysha1989 🙋 I'm new to this too. I have over three stone to loose and I also have 3 children so I appreciate the feeling of literally having no time at all! My eldest is 12 , my youngest 18 months and I have 6 year old too. I'm mums taxi service to my 12 year olds atm and when the two older ones go back to school next week I'm on the hectic school run , I'm a bit worried how this will affect my healthy eating. I started the plan on Monday ,I'm really enjoying it so far. I find reading lots of others posts on here as its very inspiring, also read as many helpful tips for newbies as you can. When it comes to time , I'm sitting down when kids are all in bed at night with a notepad and writing down easy ish recipes that are low cal and manageable to make and also healthy of course. Try the bbc food page, nhs recipes, you tube, just google and you will find tons. I'm incorporating walking with the buggy into every day as much as poss , its good for baby and me . I understand that you have an injured knee so be careful.and don't push yourself too hard. If its really painful I would just keep the healthy up , focus on that foremost & don't put too much pressure on yourself ! After all loosing 10kg last year is impressive & it shows that you already know what to do! Plus your baby is 5 months old, your doing well & your baby is still so.young . Just be really proud of yourself for making small changes, I found I put alot of pressure on myself when my baby was about 6 months and got so disheartened when I didn't have the time or energy, I just focused on my baby 1st , and getting outside every day . Is there any chance you could go swimming a couple of times a week? It should be gentler on your knee xxx


*healthy eating up


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