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Hi:) I'm a teenager that needs to lose quite a few pounds I came here because I always like seeing others stories as it motivates me. I'm quite tall at 5"10 and I have quite a heavy frame and build anyway but I'm weighing in at over 200 pounds and I'm wanting to lose around 60 to gain a healthy BMI. I'm nervous as I like to snack on stuff that I really don't need and my mum doesn't help either.

I'm looking into buy a mini blender to make smoothies and I will hopefully be finding lots of new flavours to enjoy.


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  • I'm also a teen! I totally get you with the snacking problems, and my mam doesn't really help either. I live with her and my younger sister who both love chocolate and takeaways! And when I'm at work, my colleagues love snaking on biscuits and chocolate with a cuppa, so I'm constantly drawn to food! I'm bad with exercising too and do very little to none. But being a hairdresser I'm constantly on the move; still, I wouldn't class this as being active. I've just been on holiday and came back almost a stone heavier, and my goal is to lose 3 stone so hopefully we can help eachother!😛

  • Good to know some people know how I feel, my mum just can't get enough of her chocolate! I told her about my weight and how I want to lose weight and she was totally on board with it and is going to start looking when shopping for healthier meal options. :)

  • Good stuff! Although I'll eat healthy, I won't feel guilty about having a biscuit at all, aslong as I stick to my 1200 daily calorie intake! Hope you get on well😄

  • yeah, and I think it is important to stick to that mind-set of not feeling guilty if you have a biscuit at the end of the day a few days a week. I'm on a daily calorie intake of 1200 too and I'll tell you what, since I've started I've realized that I'm not actually as hungry as I thought I might be even though I'm eating a lot less. Boredom eating was what it was :')

  • yeah definitely, I'm yet to start doing some exercise but one day at a time I suppose😂 And I'm exactly the same! Eating for no reason, and now I've started counting calories I've been eating proper meals, healthy though!

  • Hi There, well done on starting weight loss!! I want to give you a bit of advice so you dont go down the wrong path

    Smoothies / juices are great BUT what most people dont know is that fruit has sugar in it.. Most people will drink far beyond what they are supposed too and this increases weight loss

    I would recommend getting a calorie counter app and looking for healthy meal replacements for your favorite foods

    Dont follow the crowd looking for a quick fix, you need to stay committed in order to lose the weight you want

    Check out this site there are recipes on there that you can start with

    good luck on your joureny

  • Hi, yeah I know, I've been trying to have at least three pieces of different fruit and have two different vegetables with whatever my mum is cooking, if she doesn't do enough vegetables or has work and I have to cook I'll have an extra piece of fruit to the day. I'm not going to have too many smoothies and that and when I do it will most likely be for breakfast. I am at the moment mostly having fruit and fibre but I am looking for better breakfasts (just what we have in the cupboards!)

    Thank you for the website recommendation, will certainly have a look!

  • I agree, I use the 'my fitness pal' app on my phone, it scans shop bought foods, adding all the nutritional information, and you can even add your own foods.

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