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Quick and easy soup recipe

Hi there everyone, I am new here and love to eat as healthy as possible. I would love to share a great recipe of pea and mint soup. 2 cups peas, bunch of mint, handful of plain cashews, a spring onion, veggie stock cube, 2 cups water, bit of lemon, seasoning. Whack it all in blender (I have an Omniblend - pretty good for smoothies/soups etc) and after 5 mins blending you have the most wonderful soup.

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I love soup, it makes a terrific meal and is much more satisfying than the same ingredients served up on a plate. I use a stick blender when making mine though.


HI Rammsteinqueen,

Your Pea and Mint soup recipe is great! I'm going to give it a try sometime soon. Sounds so tasty!

Lowcal :-)

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You could make this soup contain more of your daily vegetable intake by increasing the spring onions to a bunch and adding some spinach. I love soup but try to include lots of vegetables especially leafy greens.



Well sure you can adapt it any way you like as long as the peas and mint are the dominant flavours :-)


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