My Very Small Personal Trainer!

So here she is, sitting on my lap whilst I type - making me feel guilty for being sat here when there are rabbits to sniff out, pigeons to chase and all that lovely fresh air outside.  I have to ignore the showers, ignore my tired legs from yesterday's hill walks and get moving!

There is nothing better than a small and energetic dog for making you get up off your backside!  See you all later!


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7 Replies

  • Hope you both enjoyed a good walk x

  • We had a lovely romp around the field thanks.  3 times a day - she will round me up and pretend to nip my heels (like a cattle dog does) until I take her out.  Can't let her off the lead or she disappears down the rabbit holes and gets out of the field behind us, so to get her exercised, I use a long flexi-leash and we walk those hills!  Beats using a treadmill anytime.  We have a Lurcher too, so occasionally you might find me tangled up in their two leads, and other times, they will be towing me up the hill... but that defeats the object of getting some calorie burning exercise.  I tell myself, if it makes you puff, it must be good for you!

  • My friend has got an 11 week old lurcher puppy 😊 She can almost outrun my adult border collie already 😊 Planning our walks from next week when puppy allowed out 😊 Can't beat a dog for exercise motivation!!

  • Makes my planned walk down two of our local shopping streets today, with Mr Flytrap, sound very boring.  So glad leads aren't involved with that or we would never progress.  Just the weather for those trips today.  Will think of you, your trainer and your hills as I look at the traffic.

  • Just remember to use the stairs and not the escalator!  Enjoy your shopping, but watch out for those reduced Easter Eggs - was sorely tempted yesterday but luckily my partner dissuaded me!

  • I gave my Lindt Bunny away 😊 My friends daughter broke her finger first day of the school holidays and has missed lots of activities 😕 She was delighted with it 😊

  • Thank you for the warning, DartmoorDumpling, I am lucky enough to only like 70% dark chocolate, or the Belgian stuff.  That saves me from 99% of Easter Eggs etc.  Mind you the Easter goodies I bought at Lidl and Thornton's for the 2 guys were really excellent quality and I ate more than I had planned.  If only that school hadn't brainwashed Son & Heir into sharing, I would probably be 3 or 4lbs lighter this week.  Well done, Anna61, for taking the chance to give your choc bunny away.  I would have been tempted to keep the little bell for myself as my share.  There's nothing nicer than a delighted child, is there?  Unless it's Dumpling's terrier, who sounds a charmer too.  

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