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Cheap Personal Guidance in Health

Hello people,

I am a student studying Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. I, together with a team of other students, we am building an online platform where Personal Trainers and Diatists will be able to get in contact with clients. We are building it in a way that we will be able to supply the public with Personal Trainers and Diatists for a greatly reduced price in comparison to the companies that are currently involved in this industry. We have made a trade-off in quality. This means that people will get lesser quality guidance than what would normally be the case. 

I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some views on whether people will be willing to accept the lesser quality and to what extent they would be willing to give in on certain aspects that reduce quality of personal training or diet advice.

To what extent do you think people will be willing to trade in quality of personal training for a cheaper price?

Thank you all for your thoughts about this.


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