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Hi All

I am trying to shift about 3 & 1/2 stone and in the first week have managed 3lb which I am really chuffed with. Over the holiday period I visited my mum and while we were having dinner I realised that the dinner service she had approx. 25 years old have much smaller plates than most of today's, I said to her I think that the increase in plate size probably has a lot to do with the increase of peoples body size.

So this weekend I went out and bought some side plates in the hopes that this will encourage me to dish up smaller portions to me and my other half, so far so good.

Has anyone else noticed this and agree with me?.

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Yes my plates om using is about that old as my granma gave me them she 94 o agree i asked for them as them are a nice size small medium..cant seem to buy them.this size fit lovely in my freezer i must amit i have very large plates these are about 5 inches smaller they are acient but who cares wen they do the job on hand....and they are in good condition .....good old granxxx


I hadnt noticed the plate sizes, that does explain a lot! I have found that once i get used to eating less my stomach feels fuller quicker so you adjust to eating smaller portions ☺


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