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How's the weekend went

How has every one did?

This weekend I panicked and left my friends at my birthday dinner ,before dessert arrived

-one pavlova and cream

I gave my pregnant friend my bread roll

-one bread roll

I ate half my pate on sat

-half a starter

I took my pie and removed the pastry and put it on a side plate

-200 kcal aprox from pastry

And I swapped my cake and cream for a yoghurt

-150 kcals aprox

I'm just back from the cinema and whilst my friends ate junk food

I had an orange and some raspberries

-200 kcal of junk food

And tonight I turned down half a beef burger which my husband wanted to share and asked me 3 times


Let's see how the scales add up tomorrow

As I'm on week 4 and have lost nothing

But every weekend instead of adding up the calories

I will add up the calories saved (",)

How did every one else go

Good luck

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Hi Bonni1, I have tried to stick to my calorie allowance and have mostly been on track or just below, still need to do more exercise though. Week 3 weigh in tomorrow fingers crossed for another loss, started at 10st11 was 10st9 last Monday. Good luck to you, see you on here in the morning x

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I have deleted the fitness ap

And am writing all my food down so I can see what I've ate from day to day

I'm week 4 and no loss well number 4 is tomorrow x


Wow, I am impressed, well done you. Sometimes I give in especially when I am with friends, my excuse is I will cut down the next day as I don't have junk food in my fridge or cupboard, which usually works.

Keep up the good work.

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Thanks man on my 4th week

Have stayed the same for 3 and I need to fit into a bridesmaid dress

Finally I've lost 2 pound


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