This is me my typical life








Today I lost 60 pound. Have searched 2 houses and a car. It's gone.

Went to the gym with my cousin

Went swimming with my Aunty

Walked into town

husband said he'd be 5 minutes to collect me

My battery went flat on my phone

Ended up attempting to walk home and got soaked in the rain

His car broke down he didn't get me to 30 minutes later.

I meet with my friend and heard about how stressed she is with her dad is dying.

Called at a lady's house to give her her avon was left standing in the cold for 10 minutes as her child was sick.

Husband offered to get me vodka I declined such a polite offer.

I have had 1700 kcals today im 5 8 female


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2 Replies

  • Normally I would get drunk and eat loads more calories

  • Thats life you have to move on to a better day.

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