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I have finished chemotherapy and operations done and dusted thank goodness, I am on drugs for life now and one of them is known for putting weight on, I have tried to get this off but with difficulties, I dont snack or eat over the top, in fact I am the opposite but still putting a belly on, I would like a gym buddy for motivation in Higher Broughton, Salford, so if anyone local wanna do the same and in similar situation, drop me a line please

thanks guys


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What a sensible thing to do to try and get a gym buddy. Having a co sufferer/ enjoyer can really help with motivation.

Good luck


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Hello Mark, can i just say well done you for getting through your chemo as this can have devastating effects on the body and mind, i know i have been there. Can i ask you to watch John Bergman videos on youtube he will change your view on medication and how doctors dish out tablet after tablet for everything, damaging the body even further, he covers every ailment and disease with easy understanding.... he is amazing .



hey skcim

Thanks for the response, sorry didnt reply earlier, I will take a look shortly, I think I have seen those videos but will check them out, again Thanks

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Have you seen this one



No i haven't but will watch it. how are you? are you managing to survive x


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