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heathty eating

Cut out sugar. Sugar can give you a sugar spike and afterwards make you feel tyred, plenty of fresh air walking ,cycling, swiming any tupe of activity that gets you away from the TV and munching on sweets and biscuits .

I have a juicer and make sweet drinks with all the health benafits with out the need for proccesed sugar.

Porridge every morning with bannas or any other fruit and to make it more interesting add

cinnamon and a dab of honey. Iam a keen cyclist 62 years of age and can cycle 110 miles in one day and put to shame pepole half my age. Thats what GOOD food does for you

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It is excellent that you can cycle over 100 miles in one day. Have you been to see a GP for blood tests?

I take Porridge every morning with cinnamon only to avoid any sugar from honey and fruits!!

I have no juicer, eat fresh fruit and also eat at least two avocado a week.


Juicers provide lots of natural sugar but without the benefits of the fibre from fruit. Much better to use a powerful blender such as a nutribullet or nutrininja etc. you can have a plain fruit smoothie or had some veg. I have at least 50% spinach to any fruit. You can also add nuts or heathy grains such as golden flax seed to provide a healthier and filling drink.


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