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I have started to try and eat healthy. Was not sure where to start, so checked out NHS direct. Found out I am only meant to have the following 2000kcal, 70g fat, 20g sat fat, 90g sugar and 6 g salt. Right my first day I recorded everything I eat and made wise choices ( no sweets, chocolate etc) I had grapes and raspberries and a a mixed fruit smoothy and my sugar level was 128g. Nearly 40g over. So do I stop having the fruit????? As this seems to be where all the most of the sugar is coming from??

Feeling lost please advise

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Natural sugar, hidden sugar and then processed sugar. You need to identify what fruit has low natural sugar and start with it. This can be very difficult. Processed food and most of the can drinks also has a lot of sugar.

I till do not know how to count gram values in food, one life and enjoy it.


Thanks bala.


Thanks. I will take a look at the site. I am new to this diet stuff and have info overload, so if I can get away from weighing out loads that would be great


Hi, fruit is very high in sugar as you've found, personally I wouldn't want to completely give it up as I enjoy it and it does have vitamins and fibre. It sounds as though you seriously overloaded on fruit that day you counted though! I've managed to ditch sweet junk and now fruit is my "treat". I Find that small portions especially if I have it with a fat and protein rich food like cheese/nuts don't seem to play havoc with my blood sugars, I'm sure everyone has their own tolerance level. its hard to get rid of the 5 a day idea but I think of 4 veg 1 fruit. With healthy eating I'm finding more and more it's about tuning in to your body and how you feel energy wise, I'm still learning! It takes patience, good luck!


Thanks for your help. Thus dieting is so confusing. There is just so much info out there, i don't know what to do. I think this chat forum is great,


There is a very big difference between processed white sugar, and natural fruit sugars! Yes, fruit is high in sugar, but you're far better off having a piece of fruit to a piece of cake, even if the sugar levels are the same. A few pieces a day aren't going to hurt, just make sure most of your meals are vegetables and protein and carbs as opposed to fruit :)


Jejj thank you. I am not a lover of the veggies, but that is on more habit I am trying to turn round, from all the advise on this forum i will start to lose the weight I have piled on from my previous bad choices.

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