Healthy Eating

Back again

Hi, I'm back again after trying for a couple of weeks to get 5 mins to myself, this is a major problem, I know. Well measurements taken: waist 35 and a half inches - want to be 30-21 inches. Weight as of this morning: 12st 12lbs - want to be 9:10st - 10:2st. Eating more than I normally do, I eat healthy anyway but I'm eating more. No bread. Sweet potatoes. Out walking every other day trying to do that 10,000 steps a day. Managed 6500 the other day and then 66 yesterday, me thinks the pedometer wasn't working as I took dogs out for a walk for nearly 2 hours! Joined a gym yesterday and I am going to stick to doing weights in the gym to tone up and then go swimming. I have cardio stuff at home. I have realised I am a binge eater and so instead of trying to change, I am going to ensure that I have cucumber and carrots at the ready. So will try to log in next week. Fingers crossed. x


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