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5:2 experiences, anyone?

5:2 experiences, anyone?

I have a few friends now doing the 5:2 eating plan, so I was wondering if any of you do it or have done it...if yes, would be great to know more about your overall experience, pros/cons etc.

Comment below and let us know!

You can read more about it in this article by NHS Choices "Does the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet work?":

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My daughter has been doing it for a few months and has lost 6kg. She says it is the easiest diet she's ever done, she eats porridge(made with water and has cinnamon sprinkled on top) for breakfast (about 11:00am) and then a bowl of veg, soup in the evening, she is also going to kettle bells once a week and goes for long walks with the baby and dog.

I have now been told I should try it but I need to decide which day to fast, too many Christmas parties!


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