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Healthy Eating
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Are you more into food-based or nutrient-based recommendations?

Some people plan their eating based on the 'correct' amount t of carbs, fats and proteins and micro-nutrients - vitamins and minerals . Others, prefer to focus in eating good food without caring about what a label, if any, would say.

A good example, is the consumption of butter. Some would avoid it simply because it is high in saturated fats. While others would appreciate a good quality (minimally processed) butter regardless.

What sort of healthy eating you do or want to do? Nutrient-based or food-based?

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I agree with bigleg. When I first started getting myself educated on prevention and nutrition, I went rather heavy on the supplements without really watching the food so much. Now I have switched and am cutting back on the supplements in favor of more veg's and fruits, nuts, natural stuff. The very first supplement I started taking decades ago was calcium when my GP told me that my muscle cramps were due to a deficiency. Now, I think I have overdone it and am finding all kinds of info about how excess calcium can deposit in joints and still leave you calcium deficient just because minerals have to be in balance to be used. I have been trying to educate myself in all this at least to a degree for a long time since doctors aren't trained in nutrition at all. There are a couple drawbacks to trying to eat right- it takes effort and time to prepare good food as opposed to popping processed junk into the microwave or straight into your mouth, and it's a whole lot more expensive. But I figure paying more for food that won't kill you is a lot cheaper than the doctor and hospital bills you'd be asking for otherwise.


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