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Hi everyone. I know it can be a pain to weigh and measure everything, but it really helps you realise when you are having too large portions. I measured 15mls of elmlea as is 25kcal, and it didn't look much. I poured it over fresh fruit and it really made me appreciate it more this way than pouring from the pot and not realising how many calories you've had.

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  • Sometimes choosing better quality products makes it easier to use less eg I find 'half fat' cheese poor 'economy' in terms of calories for most varieties (the exception is halloumi) I find I use less of an organic mature cheddar (as well as enjoying it more and it being better for the environment and cow)

  • Agreed. Natural food is much better for governing the appetite than counting calories.

  • Not a case of either/or.

    clare86's pint is a good one.

  • Elmlea is full of hydrogenated fat. I wouldn't eat it no matter how small the portion.

  • I only have this occasionally, not regularly because normal cream gives me terrible stomach ache and causes breathing's difficulties

  • sometimes a cut a watermelon in half then i eat half of it with a spoon in one sitting,

    next day i eat the other half,

    too much calories ??

  • No, watermelon is low calorie 62kcal per slice 200g. Enjoy it

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