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Some Healthy Cooking Tips For Lower Cholesterol

Do you need to lower your cholesterol levels? Making the right nutritional choices is a great start. Your doctor can help you adopt a healthier diet by giving you some useful tips but you will also have to learn to cook differently.

Reduce the amount of fat you use to cook. If you usually put butter or cooking oil in a pan to prevent food from sticking to it, replace the butter or cooking oil with a non-fat option. You can for instance use butter substitute or a light cooking spray.

Eliminate foods too rich in fat from your diet. You should also reduce the quantities of carbs you eat. The key to keeping your cholesterol under control is to eat balanced meals. You should get into the habit of cooking a portion of vegetables with every meal you prepare.

Red meat is not a good option if you need to watch your cholesterol levels. You should replace it with lighter meats such as poultry or fish. Look for new healthy recipe to find fish or chicken dishes you love. You should also get into the habit of steaming your vegetables rather than cooking them in a pan.

If you enjoy baked goods such as muffins or cookies, you can still prepare these treats by replacing the oil with some pureed fruits like applesauce. The fruits will give the baked goods a sweet taste and they are a much healthier option for you. You can usually substitute the oil for an equivalent amount of pureed fruits.

There are many other cooking tips and tricks you can use to reduce the amount of fat you eat. You will probably have to cook more often instead of eating out to stay in control of the ingredients used in your meals. You should look for more recipes and cooking tips online or in cook books.


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This low-fat information has been followed for many decades. There are several flaws, not least because lean protein is toxic; it is the fastest way to deplete the liver of fat soluble vitamins, resulting in sickness, diarrhoea and potentially death. To negate this people would need to/ tend to eat more carbohydrate:



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