4 Basic Healthy Eating Laws by Pedro Escudeiro

1st Law - Amount

The amount of food should be sufficient to cover the energy requirements of the body and maintain its balance

2nd Law - Quality

The food should be rich in nutrients to provide your body with all the needed substances

3rd Law - Harmony

The amounts of the various nutrients in what you eat must maintain a ratio of proportion to each other

4th Law - Suitability

Must be adjusted to personal suitabilities and needs

- In healthy individuals, preserve health

- In the sick, regain health and support the cure

- In children, ensure growth and development

Furthermore, a healthy diet should be adequate for:

- Individual habits

- Socio-economic situation

- Body function particularities - digestive system and other organs altered by diseases, for example.

More about Pedro Escudeiro: hsl.lib.unc.edu/specialcoll...


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