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What plan do you follow?

I started out zero added sugar and was attempting to stay thyroid-friendly as I have problems with my thyroid but that proved far too difficult. As I restricted sugar more and more I found I was better off low carbs. I've also got rid of the polyunsaturated fats in favour of healthy full saturates like butter and coconut oil. I've remained strict as far as added sugar is concerned but have allowed fruit back now my addiction to sugar is gone. What works for you?

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i follow the new medicine foundation ~ having been tested & following dr. edward pearson's regime, i remain in excellent health & can easily & happily with great diet satisfaction, maintain my desired weight! i remain healthy & energetic & all cravings have been eliminated!


Hi Divided, I just wanted to say that I also have tried to go sugar free.low carb and natural fats. I'm a vegetarian. I've not lost any weight yet but I do have an under-active thyroid which I am trying to get sorted.It's difficult change not only our own attitudes to food but also that of those around us,shops and advertising don't help.

I wish you luck with your diet.x



I'm hoping to lose all the weight I need to lose before I go underactive. I had two-thirds of my thyroid removed nearly 15 years ago. My blood tests show I'm still in the normal ranges so far but the little third that is left is likely to give up in my forties, I'm told. I probably have about five years left, but my health seemed to be suffering with what I had been eating in the last year anyway so I've decided to treat myself to a slimmer me! I wish you loads of luck too.


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