Heal My PTSD

Tring to find a way Out of Numb City

Tring to find a way Out of Numb City

Hi ive been stuck in post traumatic numbness now for a long time i was 23 when a whole lot of stuff happened i got traumatised and emotionally shut down after an intense reaction of overwhelm then rage ive had a lot of trauma based therapy, tried EMDR, hypnosis, and at the moment im doing eft due to limited funds im now just doing stuff that i can find on the net that is free, im 42 now so this has been going on for a long time has anyone had any sucess with EFT to treat emotional numbness? Ive read a lot about the amygdala and the limbic system and i feel very strongly that my trauma has not been able to be processed and i feel stuck in a loop i cant seem to get out of i cant work and i still have a lot of problems with sleep...........any help or comments would be appreciated

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You've come to the right place, there's many knowledgeable, compassionate people here.

Have you tried yoga at all?

If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

Sending support.

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A couple of times in my c-PTSD life, I was able to find free counseling. Is there any agency in your city that may be able to help with this? Or is there a school or university in your city that is a possibility for counseling? Right now, I go to the counseling center of an Art Therapy and Counseling school. My counselor is still a student but is close to graduation. My weekly payment when I see her is what I told them I could pay! It is possible that I could still get the counseling for free. There is also an agency in my city that helps those with addictions and even finds housing for them; they also have free counseling available to anyone. Can you possibly visit some places or start making phone calls? Please do not give up on this.

I think that EFT is very helpful and can keep you going, so keep doing it. You are so courageous to post here. I see that you are making progress but you just need a counselor to help you further process the trauma and get out of the loop you are in. It can be done! Keep posting here because we here are kind of like mini-counselors when we share information and post our experiences. I encourage you to become a regular here. It's a good place to be and we'll definitely help you.

For sleep, there are things you can try: Melatonin, Unisom, Calms Forte - these can be bought at the drugstore. A long time ago, I had good luck with Melatonin. If it becomes or already is a really serious problem, see a doctor for a solution, if possible. One thing that may help is getting a whole lot of exercise so that you are tired enough to sleep. At night, milk, yogurt, cheese are good choices to encourage sleep.

This is the sum of what I can come up with right now in the middle of the night. I must take a med for nerve pain at bedtime. It works for sleep but I still wake up sometimes, haven't yet established a habit of sleeping through the night. Working on it. Good luck to you and keep us posted!


thats really helpful thank you for the post i actually have a trauma counsellor that i see at no cost so yes i have her every two weeks i guess what im really really wanting to do is do some thing each day no matter how small that might help to make the numbness dissipate so i dont feel so dead all the time i can hardly remember the person i was and i dont want to die with this affliction i keep reading that ptsd can be healed and i want to believe that the eft is kinda helpful i will try and get the little voice in my head that keeps telling me that tapping is dumb and how can it help i do sleep dont get me wrong but its dumb like waking up every hour or waking early and feeling absolutely trashed before ive even started my day! i know lots of people who dont sleep well especially since we had earthquakes here a whole series of them i will keep posting and reading its nice not to feel all alone with this stuff thank you


EFT does help. You just have to believe that and keep doing it. But I know that sometimes it is a pain to do! The most wonderful thing for me is to listen to music I just love. I play it all night and it does help me to get to sleep. Can you try that? It relaxes me and I don't think of anything else. I am not afraid then. Right now I have sound effects of rain and also Native American flute. It has to be something that is truly beautiful. I also play opera music and classical and - Slim Whitman!


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