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Its a boy

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Hi all,

We gave birth to our son Andre 16 days ago. All is well with mum n bubs. I now get time to write and post due to breast feeding especially in the middle of the night. It gives us all somethig to do for a while.

I've finally managed to come off panadol for an episiotomy I had due to forceps delivery. It was an amazing experience to be able to pull my son out of me as dr said I could. Initially we were growsed out but thought once in a lifetime opportunity so just do it. We did and I believe it helped us bond with him even more.

I can't believe I was worried he was gonna be a boy and how we would react it how some of us would react. All is fine in that area and not a problem thank god. It's been great getting to know and challenging at times especially with his cluster feeds and demand feeding. Never the less all worth it in the end :). After all we did want another child and we got one.

His big sis is still taking a while to adjust and I've had a gutful of her negative behaviour. Am lucky dad still has 3 weeks off thank god to help out.

Only friends have visited and my mum. His mum hasn't bothered still yet as we've had lots of drama with her this year and really pulled away. The baby still expects my husband to pick her up in a v8 car and bring her here even though she can drive and has BMW. So sick of it and lucky he hasn't especially after her rude treatment of me back in January infront of interstate guests. To which still no apology. Then the nerve of his sister and mum being furious we didn't name our son after his dad. Excuse me. Are you kidding me. None of them like me and I'm meant to name him after a dead man! Whatever! There so racist and I've had enough of it. Anyway I'm glad his mum hasn't made effort but makes me sad as can see he wishes she had. Plus I said to him our daughters bday was in feb m hasn't bothered to visit. No present or anything n she didn't bother for Easter she won't bother here aswell and I am right. I want nothing to do with her and need to let rip at her as fed up. Right or wrong way I feel as she's meddled in our marriage too much and was more demanding of his time than a newborn. Thank god that's stopped now and we have our lives back. Just wish he would pull away from her as she's toxic and abusive aswell as neglectful and I refuse to have a granny like that around our kids anymore even if it is only handful of times. She's selfish and a cow and I have no time for her or to bed rules anymore. Just wish hubby was strong enough to distance himself like did originally she. We got married but he's not and it bugs me. Ooh well maybe in time. I point out she's neglectful to our kids now n I won't tolerate it had it as its so rude. Kids done nothing wrong to her. I say she visits your sis who has 3 kids and stays nightly over there and cnt make effort here. Come on. What granny is that? A rude one if u ask me. Anyway better shut up before I really let rip about all her stupidity and immaturity over last few years. Am I wrong for not wanting her in our lives anymore? I get sick and tired of people saying its his fam and he should deal with it not me. My view is when u affect my kids it becomes my business and how dare you neglect them and favour the others and even have the nerve to tell him how often your there helping out. Just so rude. Aghhhhh. Grrrrrrrrr. I've warned hubby if she does visit she will cop a mouthful from me aswell as not putting up with stupidity and rudeness or abusive and negligent behaviour from her anymore.

Must go. Lil man asleep and can go in cot now. Yay

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Can someone from admin please make this post private if use read it. I forgot. Oops

Congratulations! :D


Congratulations ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’โ˜บ


Thanks everyone

There's a beautiful song by Tom Chapin - here's a quote from it for your little ones -

"May you grow in your own sweet way,

And blossom more every day,

And follow the music in your soul.

May there be time for you to grow."

Even with all the challenges of nightly feedings, it's still a very nurturing time.

All the Best, Murrday

in reply to Murrday

Thank you Murrday for your warm wishes. That was such a beautiful song. Absolutely love the words.

Yes nightly feeldings can be challenging at times but your spot on. A very nurturing and bonding time for mother n son. Plus he's too beautiful and precious not to. he cracks me up laughing as he makes so many noises and I swear one sounds like a horse. Its so funny. :).

At least I have time now to check the posts here. Another bonus.


Wonderful news Diana! All the best.


Congrats Diana. Yeah it woudk piss me off as well with the MIL. Perhaps your really lucky she is so negligent as you don't have to deal with her. That said we do feel the pain for our children. I'm an only daughter but my mother was more interested in her sons children. That's was absolutely fine by Then as she got older she changed a lot so much so from the mother (if you can call her that then) of my childhood to the older vulnerable woman she became. We put our history to rest and she lived with me for the last eighteen years of her life. Much healing took place over this time but we started of being honest with her. How are your inner ones coping with the demands of a new wee son? I always struggled during those times myself.


Your rift we do feel the pain for our kids :(. That's good u sorted things out with your mum in end. MIL is a real big pain n glad don't see her. Only prob is pisses in hubbies ear n gets on. Y nerves still. No contact be better. She's too demanding n bossy aswell as stubborn. She says mean n hurtful things to him n I hate it. Eg your sis has 3 kids n u only have 1 (back then). How rude. So that makes it ok not to visit your grand daughter? Always making stupid comments like this got on my nerves big time. That's how she justifies it. She's always loved his sis more n it shows but I feel sorry for hubby n hav let things slide but not anymore. Got nothing left to give her other than a mouthful.

My alters hav good n bad days with Andre n Zoe. Yesterday they both had bad day which means our alters have bad day too as sick of crying n whinning all day long or not listening. I must admit though there's an alter that hates breastfeeding and doesn't enjoy it and finds it painful even though latched on properly. This really confuses me at times. Just hates feeling and sensation it gives him internally. Makes me scares that if I talk too much to this alter it will try to take over and ruin it for us all. There I said it and finally admitted it. Suppose it doesn't help that use to latch on great and now at times seems to muck aroun dr let go of mouthful etc. Just don't get it at times really don't and it's bugging me too aswell as that alter. Maybe because he's bugging me its getting to me. Then again what make would like to breasted? None that I know of as he sees he's not a male n losses him off even more. Grrrrrrr hate these problems that have to deal with on top of breast feeding. Ridiculous.

When kids are both great everything is awesome naturally. The demand feeding or cluster feeding is draining for alters aswell as me at times. Am sure most mums feel like that though.

Thanks for your reply and understanding. It was great

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