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trying to find a reason why each day is so different


I have this theory that my good and bad days are influenced by the weather. I know a lot of us feel the cold quite keenly and I've been hoping it would have warmed up by now, but my balance can vary wildly day to day. I find if I push myself I can have better days but fatigue kicks in eventually, half an hour of concentration is about the limit, but I have noticed when the weather changes, or rather the air pressure that's when my balance gets worse and headaches kick in, anyone else think this may be so?

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funny everyone smiles when `the suns out also we feel better vitamin e from the sun i for one am and have always believed a grey day grey people b`ut why` do weather tv forecaster always have a bright chirpy smile when forecasting rain

Kirk5w7 in reply to ncmurphy1951

cos its their job I spose, like always smiling when u work in a shop

i love the sun. if i ever win the lottery i am off to Australia

I'd like to go live near my youngest daughter near Eastbourne but still got a son at 6th form college and husband works in Leeds, praps when we both retire!

barometric preesure afects us all in many ways

high pressure makes good weather

and low makes rubbish weather

our bodys are the same

if very low preesure comes i get a sort of drunk

my eyes go funny i slowly become dissorentated

my balence gets mutch worse

good luck with this

The sun always helps i think . But i am a firm in my own mind that life is what you make it each and every day .

I do hope the sun shines and makes you feel better soon .

Kirk5w7 in reply to vimto

Thanks for the reply, I think we've all learnt to grasp each day that comes our way, but if we can find things that help all the better

Its funny you should say that. I have balance problems and I have had the feeling that it is worse when its cold. I was in Egypt a couple of weeks ago for a short 6 day holiday and it was the best I have felt since having the accident 7 months ago.

I wondered whether it was something to do with tensing the body or something, since this is what you do instinctively when cold. Wind definately affect me, not just because walking straight is more difficult anyway.

Kirk5w7 in reply to Billybb

I'm really looking forward to warmer weather gonna be so disappointed if we have a crap summer, but planning a trip to Turkey during school holidays so that should help too

thanks for the reply

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