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Vitamin D deficiency

Hi, Bet I'm not on my own with this moan, but I'm fed up with this weather:)

Had blood tests last week and this week diagnosed with lack of vitamin D. I've had a booster of vitamin D and been given a course of tablets to take a long term, but like everyone i need the sun to come out so I can sit in the garden and build up my Vit D levels. I think the recommended dose of sunshine is 20 to 35 mins 2 to 3 times a week. (This doesn't mean direct sunbathing, although a little doesn't hurt)

I am able bodied, use a walking stick to help with balance, so why the moan.... well!

I JUST WANT TO GET IN THE GARDEN! (my bit of independence)

To explain,... since the brain haemorrhage 5 years ago (caused by an AVM ) I have lost a lot of my independence. I am not allowed to go out by myself ( balance and safety issues) so depend totally on my husband and friends which is difficult especially when I was so independent before. Hubby and friends work and there isn't much time for me :( Sorry if I sound needy it's this weather getting me down. I know the rain song, does anyone know a sun song????

Also, Next week me and my husband are finally able to go to our local headway coffee morning. We are both looking forward to this and hope to meet like minded people.

Here's hoping the sun shines on us all soon :)

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not on your own with this one i need lots of sun with my condition thats why i try to live in thailand as much as poss sun here 7 days a week and it has made a difference to my life,last time i was in england my vit d was just acceptable not looking forward to going back in april, take care john.xxx


Looking forward to a bit of sunshine myself. I heard the other day that mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D. They can also be turbo charged by leaving them upside down in any sunshine we do get.


i hope the sun comes for us all soon,and tht u have a gd time at coffee am ,i just read your story and ws sitting ere feeling sorry fr myself,aftr reading it ,its given me the kick up my backside to know how lucky i am , ive gt probs after my experiance but theres lots of people who r worse thn me, n tdy my headaches nt too bad,so im gnna gt up n gt moving,ope this mkes sense as my brains a bit muddled am.


how do you know if you have a vitamin d deficiency?

is there a test you can do at home


I was seeing a specialist about balance etc... and he told me to see my Docter for the tests. He gave me one of those sleeves (dont know proper name) to take to the docs with the required tests he wanted written on it. I booked appointment with the Nurse at my Docters and she did the test.

I read up on vitamin D and why we need it in our bodies and things made a lot of sense to why i had been feeling so unwell.

Bikerlifestyle, I doubt you can do this at home and wouldn't recommend it, as it involves a blood test. Talk to your surgery and book an appointment with doc if you're concerned. Goodluck


vitamin D deficiency seems to becoming more and more common.

I have a booster injection in the spring and take replacement tablets each day.

Lloyds Pharmacy do not provide them on prescription but Boots do.

My life has been changed dramatically since being on replacement; prior to me stating treatment I was like an old man could hardly stand straight and walking was so painful it was getting to the point I did not want to walk


Sure the weather seems to be getting worse, with less sunshine and cloudier skies all the more common. But we can also blame our behaviours, our dependencies on computers, cars, longer working hours, etc. have turned us into indoor recluses. It doesn't have to be sunny for our skin to make vitamin D, we just need to be outdoors during the day.


AnthonyM, How I would love to blame those behaviours you mention! Most people do get outdoors during the day to top up their vitamin D, unfortunately stuff happened and I can't.

The sun helps me and also gives me a little indepence unfortunately as they say. " one rule doesn't fit all" :)


Id be glad of a day of no snow, am sick to the site of it. Roll one summer sun


Hi Leslie, sorry to her you re so down. You can take extremely high doese of Vit D3 without any toxic effects but with a whole lot of benefits. You must take it in a balanced formula however with Vit K2 otherwise you will run the risk of Vit D redistributing calciumin to the blood stream but without Vit K2 it will stay there and calcify your arteries and not be moved to where it is needed i.e. to build healthy bones. Try 'Thorne Vit D3 & K2 drops' - I get mine from iherb.com but you can shop around. Liquid medications are always better than tablets. Take them under the tongue for quicker and more efficient adsorption. Try around 10,000iu's per day - perfectly safe if balanced with Vit K2 (don't listen to what the doctor's say) and work up if you feel its needed. But only do this after you've had bloods taken again in say three months to check your levels. Try reading Jeff Bowen's book "My Extremely dangerous experiment with Vit D3" for more info. You will notice several benefits form increased levels of Vit D3 - including better sleep, skin amd most importantly better immune response. You will still gets colds, viruses etc. but their duration will be much shorter and likley less intense than your counterparts whho do not take high doese of Vit D3.

For anyone with an aneuryism I have read recently about the benefits of takin Niacin in "Niacin: The real Story - by Abram Hoffer etc". Please read this book also. A real eye opener for brain related conditons and shows Niacin is not just for reducing cholesterol as so many people believe - including doctors!

There are so many wonderful theraputic and absolutely effective natural remedies out there - but since pharmaceutical companies cannot patent them and make tons of money out of them they will not tell you about how effective they are and how SAFE they are too. Good luck with the Vit D3 Leslie - you will notice a great improvement in energy levels, mood etc within a few months if not a few weeks (depends on how low your levels are to begin with). Just remember the Vit K2 in a balanced formula with the Vit D3 too!


Hi, thank you for commenting on my Vit D crisis. I am feeling much better :) and will discuss your comments with husband later and we will decide if i need to take further supplements. Thanks again and take care


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