Balance issues - disability or not?

I had a stroke Jan 2009 so I'm post 4 years +, my main problem is my balance, still got a certain amount of left side weakness and processing problems but nothing drastic which I can get round, balance I cant get round, I have bad days and to be honest its a struggle when permanently feeling I have done a trip in a tumble dryer, my issue is with DWP as they don't seem to recognise this as a disability for DLA, it hinders me somewhat and restrict me so surely that's a disability! don't get me wrong its not a financial thing but more of a principal thing. Anyone else had problems with this? I've applied twice and appealed once and just given up but thinking of reapplying, worth the attempt?

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  • its a tough one, does it affect you daily? if not how often

  • Constantly, never go away and some days worse than others.

  • when was your last claim?

    as DLA is now turning into PIP and atos doing assessments

  • I made a claim 2009/2010 appealed that decision and again later in 2011/12 but to be honest it was just a joke. I don't know if PIP will make a difference if I claimed again.

  • i think you have nothing to lose to be honest, because you should at least get an assessment now, ok atos haven't got a good record, but if its affecting your life and you can get consultant or doctors to support you, then you should be ok even if you have to go to appeal, get as many professionals to back you as you can

  • Yea you're right, need to really

  • Yes for what it's worth I consider it a disability, as I too suffer. It affects my life in many ways; I cannot cope in crowds or use public transport, last year while shopping at Peter Jones I fell at the top of the moving stairs. Focusing on where I walk and how I walk is mentally exhausting, and I always use a walking stick to stop me falling over. As part of other health problems it was recognised by the DLA for me. Without my blue badge I would be extremely restricted on what I could do. Might I suggest that you explain in great detail how it disables you, as if you simply say 'I suffer from problems with my balance' it does not tell them how much you are disabled. Good luck with your appeal.

    Oh there is also associated problems with balance; for example it can lead to problems with your hip and spine from where you walk awkwardly

  • Cheers, I'm the same really, ok on a train but a bus is totally a different story and even a car makes me feel I'm on a rollercoaster. Yea and I agree with the walking its hard work with the concentration and is mentally exhausting, the amount of concentration which go into walking esp in a straight line, and the more you try the worse it is if who understand.

  • It doesn't seem to matter to the DWP I'm waiting for my appeal but the last letter I had from them said basically they don't consider what the consultant has to say , cos they are not looking at whether you can work or not,I don't claim DLA cos I can take care of myself during day, walk 50 yards etc, etc ,so they say I'm fit for work, no matter I can't do buses and it takes at least an hour to get going if at all in the morning, and my attention and fatigue means I need a break every 30 mins or so, oh well sorry bout the moan!

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