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Moving on up

Latest blog from: hopegoesupanddown.blogs... - a record of the hope, terror and unknown future faced when the one you love most in the world suffers a brain

Jake and I have just returned from a weekend of luxury and relaxation at a local spa hotel. It was fabulously indulgent, the staff were incredible and I can honestly say that a change of environment and a removal of stress has left us both feeling more relaxed than in a very, very long time. So much so that we've booked to go again in June!

We arrived home this morning to the icing on the cake; a message to say that our offer has been accepted on a new house.

The current Korving Towers was the perfect forever home when we moved here in August 2011; it is small but perfectly formed and had everything we needed; a big bedroom, office, two reception rooms, a lovely new kitchen, sunny south-west facing garden, a massive garage for the imp of doom, really close to my sister and her family in a good area on a quiet road and close to local amenities (and a nice pub!). If things had gone to plan I can honestly say we would have stayed here until they carried us off.

Sadly things haven't gone to plan and since Jake came home it has become increasingly obvious that the current KT is just too small. I am finding this particularly difficult as I literally have nowhere to go; I work from home and so for most of the day you can find me, Jake and a carer bumping into each other. Add to that the various therapists and related visitors and the house suddenly feels very small indeed. Jake's supported and carefully managed morning routine means that access to our bedroom and one bathroom is restricted until at least 10:00am and his need to rest regularly means that sometimes I have little or no choice as to where I go in my own home.

In fact I often find myself still in my PJ's at 10:30am with the door to our room closed as Jake has gone back to sleep!

The journey to finding a new property has been tricky as we have needed to balance getting a property that reflects our original needs, the new needs our situation adds and a budget that both sides can accept. The new Korving Towers feels perfect; with much more space, in an area we are happy to live in and still within a reasonable distance from my sister (and therefore the wine!).

There was a near miss that was judged as 'over provision' by the other side (easy for them to say, it's not going to be their home!), which has led to us being in the crappy position of having to go to court for the interim payment we'll need to purchase a new property. All I can do is trust that our legal team will manage this side of things for us and hopefully we'll be in the new Korving Towers before the end of the Summer.

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Hey Charlie that's fantastic, I am so stoked for you. Quite often on here things can be quite down so it's brilliant to hear some good news. And it couldn't have happened to a lovelier person. Well done to you for all your efforts and pushing, pushing, pushing when things get tough. Hope you and Jake will be happy in your new home.


I am so happy for you, it's time you had some good news!. I hope you will both be very happy in your new home.


Thats great news for you both, gives me hope for our situation in the future, go luck with everything.


glad things r goin in the rght direction for you,i hope you gt to move there soon, about time things gt a bit better for you ,as you deserve as much happy things u can get , tke care x


Well done,girl.....this is all down to you and your unwavering determination. So glad your spa weekend was so special....you both deserve it. Here's to the next one !

Beat wishes, x


Thanks everyone!



I read with delight (and a little polite envy) that you and jake had a nice break together. Good luck with the new house xx


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