I'm still alive...... and back in business :D

I'm still alive...... and back in business :D

hey everyone I hope you are all well :D after a few stressful weeks (and this one coming) I can happily say that on the 6th June I will be opening a visual art centre with a friend it will have an art gallery, photography studio and framing centre we have fought for the last few months to secure the property then the last 2 or 3 weeks we have been working hard refurbishing it which we will finish early this week my friend and I are working hard on new ideas to bring people in below is a pic of 1 of our new ideas where he paints scans on pregnant lady's :D and then I take their pics :D

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  • My God, it just gets better & better. And the scan painting is incredible, it has to be a first !

    I used to joke about you remembering us once you've become famous..................I'm not joking any more.

    You've worked so hard against so many odds ; I can't praise you enough Michelle. xxx

  • thankyou and I would never forget you guys especially you cat you have always been there for me and supported me through good and bad times xxx

  • :-/ ;-) xx

  • Absolutely amazing, you have an incredible talent and imagination.

    Well done Love Janet xx

  • thankyou x I do try x

  • many congrats!

  • thankyou

  • Loving the scan painting : )

    All the best for continued success, Angela x

  • thankyou x

  • Wow wow wow, that picture is amazing!

    Massive congrats to you, good luck with it all


  • thankyou :D

  • Awww! You open up on our six month anniversary :)

    Good luck you!


  • happy 6month anniversary :D was it as good of a day as I had?

  • It was indeedy!!

  • good :)

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