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Voluntary work

Was at Headway Scunthorpe on Monday. Headway Hull last night. This morning im doing voluntary work (as usual). Im not a lazy arse llike some of these scroungers the government should be targeting over benefits.

Ive not produced kids. I actually refused a benefit once cos i wasnt greedy. It was an emergency loan when i moved house. I coped without it

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thats great but remember that not everyone is that lucky and not everyone is a scrounger. The government and the press are having a ball setting claimant groups against each other.

Anyone unlucky enough to need to live off benefits is hardly living the life of riley. Although the minority of 'great news seller' type stories seem to make the ten bed mansion family from somalia/pakistan/afgahanistan etc. seem the norm.


I hope other people would be more understanding of me when I say that I have a hidden disability. It does boil down to blind luck...the riots happened because of large scale oppression and people lucky enough to have got a bit of a start in life (being taught manners and where to focus what intelligence they were blessed with) were looking down their noses at people. I'm not condoning the rioters, or people who genuinely are scroungers, but to say, or imply, that everyone on benefits is a scroungers is like saying all Muslims are terrorists...a tiny minority may be, but who would *choose* to go cap in hand to the Government for their subsistence needs? Only folk whose sense of self-esteem was so poorly developed (perhaps they had a violent, or neglectful parent, or were the victim of a horrible crime in their lives that they never developed a healthy personal identity...my point is that we don't know, so we shouldn't judge) that they really deserve our pity rather than our condemnation. In my humble opinion.


I agree, and having lived on benefits for four years after the removal of a brain tumour I will be delighted if I never have to rely on them again. Was I a scrounger? I don't think so and the vast majority of people on benefits deserve to be on them. The media is doing the governments work for them when they constantly use the term "scroungers". Many people believe life on benefits is a breeze when in truth it is a struggle.


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