30th year anniversary

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a little while. I am well, just haven't bothered in using HU that much.

It is Headway's 30th year anniversary this year and I was just wondering what other people's Headway branches are doing to celebrate this year? - I'm rather nosy aren't I :).

My nearest Headway branch have got some events lined up this year but on the 18th of May, they are having a tea party :). Hopefully we shall see people past and present users of Headway, service users, staff and volunteers.

Take care everyone :),


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  • Well Yes Matt They All Do A Very Grate Job In Supporting Many People Like Us And Many Other's Too That Have Many Different Types Of Brain Injuries And Head injuries And Many Of These People Who Give Support Our Good Volunteer's And You Have Done Very Well Matt Over The Years We Have Known You Keep Up The Good Work Matt It's All For A Very Good Cause See You On The 18th Of May At The Portsmouth British Legion Fratton Road Portsmouth And If Your A Portsmouth Services User Or Even A Old Service User Or An Old Member Of Staff Phone The Office And Buy Your Ticket From Portsmouth Headway Colin

  • Hello Matt, it certainly is Headway Portsmouth & South East Hampshire's 30th Anniversary this year and we wish them well in their celebrations.  In fact Headway UK celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2009, another three years to go before our 40th!

    Thank you, Joe

  • Ah I see. Our branch only is celebrating their 30th anniversary. I assumed it was all Headway branches. I didn't actually realise that.

  • Hi Matt, how have your HW celebrations gone over the weekend? 

  • Hi Shirley,

    Well on the weekends, we don't really hear much from Headway (HW), it is mostly rest for most of us.

    Most of their events would take place throughout the week. Their tea party they are having to celebrate their 30th is on Wednesday the 18th of this month.

    I will be doing a sponsored swim for Headway in September to help raise money for them, I have made over £200 so far :).

    And another of the service users will be doing a sponsored abseil from the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth.

    At first she wanted to do a sponsored skydive but apparently she would not be allowed to do that.

    Take care,


  • Oops, Sorry Matt, thought it was this weekend. I hope you had a good one anyway. I'll try and remember to ask again later in the month, but hopefully you'll post how things go anyway. .Shirley  x 

  • I did have a good weekend and a lot of rest was called for too :).

    Hope your weekend was well too.

    I shall try to remember to make a post on how the tea party went :).

    Take care


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