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Still here and still single

Still here and still single

Hi there. Im David and at the age of 18 on Xmas Eve 1987 i suffered a brain haemorrhage.

In a coma a week. Doctors gave no hope. Suffered a near death experience.

Had to learn to walk again and speak properly.

Gone on to trek 55 miles on Gt Wall of China to raise money for Headway.

Raised money for other charities like British Red Cross i did a World record abseil or crewed a schooner for the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

Live alone. No kids. Never married.

Not on medication (but some beg to differ).

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good for you with your recovery and money raising



Be very proud of all you've achieved, you are a kind and generous guy

Big hugs, Linda x


Good man, well done you. Many congratulations on all you've achieved. I hope you're very proud, I bloody well would be! It takes all my energy to get to the shop :)


So pleased to hear how far you have come. My Dad had a very severe SAH in August. originally he was not expected to survive but he has always been a very strong determined man! He is still in hospital and is unable to walk or speak. He is eating and shakes his head to answer yes or no. It is encouraging to read about your experiences. Well done with your achievements, long may they continue. Keep us updated x


Thanks a lot guys.

I have my good days and bad days.

It was 1987 when it happened to me so ignorance was rife. Had ppl giggling at me while i was trying to walk properly.

I live in a small community so rumours went around about me like i was on drugs. One woman even told her kids not to talk to me.

These days im hoping more ppl are aware of BIs and its so nice to meet other ppl who have experienced similar


Can i just add that im not bragging at all. Im very very lucky and im well aware lots of ppl arent so lucky


Don't think you are bragging at all, it's lovely to hear you positive outlook. I am sure you've had a difficult time but you are making te best of things and doing more than most people who haven't had to deal with what you have. Shame on anyone who doesn't understand and let's hope they are lucky enough not to have to go through any of what you and others have x


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