It's nearly a year since my accident causing my TBI

It's nearly a year since my accident causing my TBI

On the 11th Feburary 2012 something that happened that changed my life! I was driving up the M3 abd I had a rear tyre 'blowout' and lost control and came off the motorway and rolled several times into a ditch. I was rescued byHampshire and Isale of Wight Aiir Ambulance and taken to Southampton General Hospital. I was in a coma for 3 days and was semiconcious for the next 3 weeks. I spent a total of 6 weeks in hospital and suffered TBI, a fractured pelvis and ribs, double vision, vertigo and chronic fatigue!

It has been such a hard year, but could have been so much worse! The love and support of my family & friends has been outstanding.

Live, Laugh, Love

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  • snap snap and snap what a great story to share and end a miserable week neil

  • congratulations well not congratulations on having a head injury but for doing so well, keep on going and sounding so positive :)

  • It's so good to hear from people that have been through similar things. It can feel very lonely sometimes.

  • I always celebrate my anniversary. Yes, we were unlucky that whatever-it-was happened, but we are so lucky to have recovered as well as we have. Things could be much, much worse.


  • Hey Zoe!

    So glad you are positive about things!

    Staying positive definitely helps recovery :) I'm 2 months in since my car accident. I too had a tbi. I have my good and bad days but constantly smiling no matter what! How are you coping with the double vision now? I'm struggling to get by with it but trying so hard to!


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